YouTube Music releases new ‘Energize’ mood filter for Android and iOS

YouTube Music introduced last year an “activity bar” that allows users to build their own “personalized homepage full of playlists” with four mood settings. Recently, YouTube added a fifth mood called “Energize”. The mood tab features the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo as the top cover image and offers ‘Workout’, ‘Energize’, ‘Relax’, ‘Commute’, ‘Focus’. Starting with a “Mixed for you” carousel filled with “Boosting your energy” mixes, you can choose from a variety of music.

There is a main “Supermix” and Mixes 1-3 that include other playlist carousels like ‘Metal mosh pit’, ‘Rock & puck anthems’, ‘Instrumental motivation’, ‘Hip-Hop energy’, ‘Pop bangers’, ‘Indie & Alt anthems’, ‘Dance club beats’, and ‘From your library’.

YouTube Music brings new 'Energize' mood filter for Android and iOS

Overall, the YouTube Music user interface looks like most other tabs we have in most apps these days, so it should not be a problem for YouTube Music users. Essentially, it’s a lot more detailed than just a regular workout, so users can use it as a substitute to get motivated or energized while exercising.

Starting a workout? Simply tap the Workout icon, which takes you to a dedicated personalized homepage full of playlists perfectly suited for your workout. You’ll also receive up to four new personalized Workout Mixes, featuring songs you know and love, as well as other great recommendations.


We should also mention that YouTube Music will launch its new “Energize” activity on Android and iOS platforms this week, most likely. Make sure to check the YouTube Music app for updates as well.

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