AirPods 3 to launch in India soon: Specs, Price, launch date

AirPods from Apple shaped the world as we know it when it comes to truly wireless earphones. Since then, Apple has launched quite a few iterations, and now, it is working on AirPods 3 that we started hearing about last year. Cut to now, it is expected to arrive this year and with April 20th Apple’s Spring Loaded event, we could be hearing more about the upcoming TWS. But hey, we do know some details about the AirPods 3 as well as their renders.

As per the reports, we have seen how AirPods 3 might look like as they appeared on their first-ever leak. The AirPods 3 are likely to have designs similar to AirPods Pro with a shorter stem and design. It was earlier expected to have personalized tips that users can change, however, recent leaks suggest that we could get an open design without leaving any room in the charging case for the additional tips.

The Cupertino-based giant is speculated to use the same System-in-Package (SIP) as that of ANC wireless earbuds. There are tonnes of reports on the specifications that the AirPods 3 will arrive with such as an active noise-cancellation that will be on par with the AirPods Pro.

AirPods 3

According to Tom’s Guide, many of the features that AirPods Pro already has will trickle down to AirPods 3 as well such as spatial audio, Dolby Atmos support, automatic switching among others. Hearing Health and Headphone Accommodations are likely to be added to the roster of specs on-board AirPods 3 as well.

Further, AirPods 3 could arrive with ambient light sensors that will be able to monitor the heart rates of the wearer as well as specific health conditions among others. The AirPods 3 is likely to have sound quality on par with AirPods Pro as well. Apparently, many of the features that AirPods Pro has will eventually make their way to AirPods 3 as well.

AirPods 3 are speculated to have a battery rating of 4.5 to 5 hours on a single charge while the battery case takes it further such as 24 hours in case of battery case that comes with AirPods Pro.

AirPods 3 Launch Date and Pricing

Talking about the pricing, AirPods 3 is expected to fetch a price tag 20 percent lower than AirPods Pro. In India, the AirPods Pro is available at Rs 24,900/- which means the AirPods 3 will be on sale at around Rs 20,000/-. Note that this is still more expensive than AirPods 2 so we will have to wait for the official pricing to confirm.

There’s no fixed date when the AirPods 3 will arrive in India or globally. There’s an Apple’s Spring Loaded 2021 event on April 20 (today) that will feature some of the upcoming techs. It is quite likely that we will get to hear more about AirPods 3 at the event as well.

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