Android 12 gets Material You themed Gboard redesign

With the release of the Android 12 Beta 3 this week, Google seems to be pushing the new design language and using it in more parts of the OS.

The Gboard Material You redesign is love for some users. The Gboard redesign varies from user to user and depends on if you have the “Key Borders” enabled or not. If you are not a fan of the “123?” key, the spacebar has been placed in pill-shaped buttons that adopt a dull hue depending on the set system color.

Whereas the return key is shaped similarly along with the expand key and placed in the top suggestions strip, the word prediction is. However, it is bright and vibrant compared to the other colors.

Android 12 gets Material You themed Gboard redesign

Android 12 gets Material You themed Gboard redesign

Android 12 gets Material You themed Gboard redesign

Finally, gesture users will have a reason to rejoice since it has a similar theme.

If you have the borders enabled, you can see that the brightest buttons are the return and expand buttons. It also contains the “123?” circle and is quite dark. There is also a third level of theming that can be observed in the caps lock, backspace, and comma period. Last but not least, the background seems to be themed as well, whereas all other keys are white.

While the redesigned Material You UI is available only for some Gboard users, it will soon be available to everyone in the coming days. It is interesting to note that the new redesigned Material You UI is available for both stable and beta UI.

In the last few months, the Google Keyboard APp has been undergoing several design iterations. One of the variations also made use of a sheet, but we really think the design will stick.

Android 12 will also be getting the 1,000 redesigned emoji that were available in Gmail and Chrome this fall.


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