Android 12 now supports transferring WhatsApp chat history from iOS

Android 12 users can now easily transfer WhatsApp chat history from iPhone (iOS) to any Android 12 device. Changing phones and transferring all of your WhatsApp data or chat history can be challenging, especially if you’re moving to a completely different operating system.

The Android 12 release apparently makes it easier now for users to transfer all their WhatsApp data to a new Android 12 phone via a USB cable. The Android system automatically matches and installs the same apps from Google Play Store after granting permission. Afterwards, it allows you to easily move your SMS and iMessage history, along with photos, videos, contacts, calendars, etc.

Now you can transfer WhatsApp chat history to Android 12 from iOS

Previously, certain types of data like WhatsApp chat history could not be transferred from an iPhone to an Android. Now, you can safely transfer your chat history from your WhatsApp account on iPhone to an Android 12 or later device. Google engineers and the WhatsApp team worked together to build a new set of features designed to make switching easier than ever.

A USB-C to Lightning cable is needed to connect both devices and get started. After connecting your two devices, proceed through the initial setup process on your Android 12 device. Afterwards, you’ll be asked to scan a QR code on your iPhone to launch WhatsApp and transfer all your messages, media files, and so on to your new Android 12 device. Those transferred data will not be accessed by anyone else, according to the officials. Moreover, the new messages will not appear on the old device during the transfer process.

This data transfer capability of WhatsApp is currently available on Samsung Galaxy devices and all Pixel phones right now. But more and more device models from several OEMs will get this feature by default when Android 12 is rolled out widely. It is important to note that you will not lose your data after switching to the Android platform and even while transferring your data. Thus, Google is indirectly telling iOS users that there has never been a better time to switch to Android.

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