Android 13 might allow device-to-device media transfers with a tap, reports claim

Android 12 already brought a number of improvements, new features, and new UI elements or design elements. Compared to its predecessor Android 11, it has made many improvements. Even though plenty of users are experiencing problems with Android 12’s performance or stability, they expect Google to fix the problems in a timely manner. Meanwhile, few reports are emerging that Android 13 will be able to transfer media to nearby devices with a single tap.

Google made UI demos to showcase a new “Media TTT” feature in Android 13. With this feature, users can basically share media from their Android devices to other nearby devices (such as speakers). Reports indicate that the Android 13 platform will also offer significant improvements in audio streaming via Bluetooth.

Google has recently merged with the LE Audio codec (LC3), so it has been added to system settings. In order to achieve a better range or stability, the codec will use the LE Audio connection while it connects to an audio device. In summary, Bluetooth LE Audio connectivity offers the potential to improve battery life while maintaining audio quality without compromising connection stability.

Further, Bluetooth LE Audio would support multiple streams through more than one pair of headphones. Also recently, Google released a preview of Android 12L, which is optimized for devices with large displays.

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