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10 Best Free VPN for Android – a list of top VPN applications

In this post, we will tell you about the best free VPN for Android that you can use. If you are someone who places a high value on surfing anonymity and security, this is the site to visit. You might have seen that online legal streaming platforms (such as ThopTV, Dare TV, HD Streamz, GHD Sports) are requesting you to use a VPN to hide your IP address from government agencies. While most VPNs offer paid services, the idea of a free Virtual Private Network (VPN) seems alluring. But let us first examine the purpose and requirements of a VPN application before proceeding to the list of the top ten best free VPN for Android applications.

When a user accesses the internet on an unsafe network, both his or her surfing habits and personal information are in danger. If you have rooted your Android it removes certain native security network features making the devices more vulnerable. Open networks are often vulnerable to eavesdropping and data theft, and this is especially true for public networks. In order to safeguard your identity as well as your online activities, it is recommended that you use a tight and secure network.

For anything on the internet to be accessed, you need a device equipped with a web browser and a network connection. A VPN is simply an encrypted link between a web browser and a network that assures the secure transfer of information. These VPNs reduce Google’s tracking activities, increase your internet speed, and allow you to access websites that are illegal in your country. There are numerous root apps for Android that act as free VPN apps, and the same goes for Android browsers with built-in VPN accessibility.

However, with so many alternatives available, choosing a VPN for Android devices may prove to be a challenging task for some. Do not be concerned, as we have produced a list of the ten best free VPNs for Android that will allow you to browse safely on your mobile device or tablet. Read on to learn more and let’s get this started.

What is the best Free VPN for Android?

1. Hide Me – one of the most secure VPN applications

10 best free android VPN - Hide Me

One of the best free Android VPNs, Hide Me is developed by Eventure Limited. It does not keep a record of your activities and offers a highly stable secure connection. Using the free version lets you access 5 of 75 available servers. Unlike some other free VPN applications, Hide Me does not limit data speeds as well.


  • Supports both IKEv2 and OpenVPN protocols
  • Go around region blocking to view any content
  • Hide Me uses 256-bit encryption, which makes it highly secure
  • Manual selection of servers available – Netherlands, Canada, Singapore, and the US
  • Easy to setup – no card details required
  • The app reconnects in case of data interruption
  • The application does not show adverts
  • 24/7 technical team support


  • For the free version, it offers 10GB of data per month
  • Maximum of one device allowed
  • If you want other servers, you have to upgrade

2. Windscribe – an easy to setup free Android VPN

10 best free android VPN - windscribe

This free VPN for Android is highly committed to protecting your privacy. While the application does collect some data like your username, server and data transferred, it deletes the records once the session ends. Other than that, you can view exclusive geo-locked content using the VPN application. However, Windsribe is slightly inconsistent when it comes to data transfer speeds.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Offers 2GB of data per month – allowance increases to 10GB once you share an email address
  • Access to 10 servers including UK, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, Turkey, and more
  • Split Tunneling is available
  • Inbuilt ad blocker
  • Does not keep logs
  • Support SOCKS5, OpenVPN, and IKEv2 protocols.


  • 2GB per month might be too less
  • Data connection speeds are slightly inconsistent in comparison to other VPN applications
  • Dedicated Netflix servers only available with the paid version

3. Speedify – one of the most simple free Android VPNs

10 best free android VPN - Speedify

As the name suggests, Speedify aims to provide its user with a speedy internet connection. It is one of the fastest free VPN out there. And on top of that, your connection is encrypted, which keeps your browsing data safe. However, the data allowance is slightly on the lower side. You can use about 2GB of data each month from this free Android VPN. Information collected by the application is contact details, time, and total duration of the connection. If you are fine with the data restriction, Speedify is one of the 10 Best Free VPN for Android devices.


  • 5GB of data per month
  • 128 GCM encryption
  • It automatically connects to the fastest server available
  • The application uses channel bonding to increase connection speed
  • There are 37 servers to select from
  • No-logging policy in place protects your privacy
  • Geo-locked content can be viewed


  • The free services can be used on only one device
  • Absence of in-app controls

4. Betternet – one of the few free VPN applications to come with 15GB monthly allowance

10 Best Free Android VPN - Betternet

One of the top free Android VPNs, Betternet provides an all-rounder performance. The data allowance is decent, giving you 500MB of data every day. Additionally, you need not register to use the free VPN. Developers also claim that the VPN application protects your device from scams and online malware. Although, if you are someone who wishes to watch region-specific content, you would be disappointed.  


  • Lets you browse anonymously
  • Uses 256-bit encryption
  • 15GB monthly data allowance
  • Supports P2P connections and networks
  • Supports OpenVPN protocol
  • Security features such as forward secrecy
  • 24/7 customer support available


  • You cannot view geo-locked content on this free VPN
  • The 500MB daily limit might be too less for some people

5. Hotspot Shield – one of the most popular free Android VPNs

10 Best Free VPN for Android - Hotspot Shield

If you wish to check your mails, browse, or read some content on the internet, Hotspot Shield is the VPN application to go. The free version gives you about 500MB of data daily, which might be too low for dedicated streaming uses. To sign up, you need not share any card details whatsoever. It is one of the most secure free Android VPN, maintaining your privacy all the time. Hotspot Shield is one of the most popular Android VPN out there, with over 650 million users worldwide, and 80+ server locations.


  • 15GB of data per month
  • Easy signup
  • No-logs policy in place
  • Uses 256-bit encryption
  • Supports P2P
  • 24/7 live customer support available
  • Reliable and stable internet connection with decent speed


  • Free versions show quite a few advertisements
  • Limits you to 2 servers only
  • A tad slow connection speed

6. Kaspersky VPN

Kaspersky VPN - best VPN for Android

Kaspersky is one of the most popular internet security solution providers in the world. As an extension of their services, you can also use their VPN for Android. Unlike other VPN applications, Kaspersky VPN does not ask you to make an account to use its free Wi-Fi service. No need for sharing details such as email ID or credit card and so on. Secondly, the application is user-friendly and lets you start with a single tap. However, even with the brand, there are some disadvantages.


  • 6GB per month data allowance
  • Tap-to-browse available
  • Easy to setup
  • No need to share credit card or other details while setting up
  • Industry-leading security protocols


  • Selection of server on free VPN not available
  • Limited servers available
  • The data allowance might be less for some people

7. TunnelBear – use GhostBear mode in the free VPN

TunnelBear - free VPn for Android

Developed by McAfee, TunnelBear is one of the top free Android VPN services for numerous reasons. Firstly, it does not ask for payment details during the sign-up process. Secondly, you can manually select a server from over 23 locations worldwide. Importantly, the free VPN offers top-notch security and privacy features to its user. However, the low data allowance might be a problem for regular or heavy users. Moreover, you can use this as your emergency VPN application, or when you need the most security. 


  • Using the GhostBear mode, one can bypass locations blocks and locked content
  • Uses 256-bit encryption
  • No-logs policy in place
  • P2P supported
  • They do not advertise on their free Android VPN yet
  • 23 server locations to choose from
  • Easy to use on Android devices
  • Stable connection with decent speeds


  • Low data allowance – 500 MB per month
  • Free version not suitable for streaming, watching long-form content, or downloading big files

8. Express VPN

free Android VPN

Since we are towards the end of the list, these VPN applications are among the no-brainer top free Android VPN users. If you wish to download geo-locked content, browse social media in a different country, Express VPN is one of the safest free Android VPNs. The application does not log users IP Address, browsing history, traffic destinations or DNS queries. When it comes to server locations, one has plenty of options. However, if one wishes to go for the paid version, it is much more useful.


  • 24/7 live assistance through email and live chat
  • Supports AES 256-bit encryption
  • 160 server locations in up to 94 countries
  • Can unlock geo-locked content
  • Decent connection speeds
  • Excellent privacy protection features
  • Supports P2P platforms
  • Easy to use application and setup


  • Limited features on free version

9. Proton VPN

Proton VPN - the best free VPN for Android

Last but definitely not least, Proton VPN can be your go-to VPN application. Let me explain. So firstly, it lets you browse the internet with 256-bit encryption security, with no records kept. Secondly, you can access from 3 servers included in the free version – US, Japan, and the Netherlands. If you are someone who wants to watch Netflix US or Kodi, Proton VPN works just fine. Now for the most exciting part – this free Android VPN offers has no restrictions on data. Additionally, they let you use all their paid service without any charge for the first 7 days.


  • Proton VPN offers unlimited data usage
  • Maintains users privacy with no logging and data encryption
  • Forward Secrecy codes for better encryption
  • DNS leak protection
  • Easy to set up and use
  • No adverts


  • Speed throttling for free users
  • No P2P support
  • Only single device usage allowed

10. NordVPN

top 10 free Android VPN - Nord VPN

If you are one of those concerned about privacy, NORD VPN will be your best bud. NORD offers features of standard quality and has over eight million users. Based in Panama, what makes it a success is perhaps that it falls outside of surveillance jurisdictions. In simpler words, your data is in safe hands. Moreover, you would not have trouble with the internet speed as it has more than 5,000 servers distributed in 59 different countries. NORD VPN uses a 256-bit encryption and keeps a track of only the basics like payment information, email, etc. From watching Netflix shows of different countries to torrenting, the possibilities are endless.


  • Panama Headquarters- no compromise in data with minimal data logging
  • Kill switch: Stops activity the minute VPN connection is lost without exposing it
  • IKEv2 and IPSec used to maintain VPN connection even in weak or lost internet
  • Double encryption of data or VPN server chaining of multi-hop
  • Multiple devices (up to 6) can be connected with NORDVPN
  • No DNS leak when connected to NORDVPN
  • Decent internet speed – a result of the availability of a large number of servers
  • Graph indicating how long you were protected


  • Cannot use both WiFi and NORDVPN simultaneously
  • IP addresses of multiple devices connected to it remain static, hence harder to trace them
  • No contact number to connect for customer service- only live chat, FAQ and email support
  • Might slow down your internet speed
  • Internet speed/upload speed slightly slower in Mac as compared to Windows

While there are a lot of free Android VPNs out there, all of them offer different functionality. As stated in our list of 10 Best Free VPN for Android devices, some offer a good data allowance and others can unlock region-locked content. It all boils down to a user’s preference and requirements. However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Nothing fancy, just the basics.


What is a VPN?

As stated earlier, there are three basic components that work in an internet-based transfer of data. A web browser, a network connection and a source on the internet that actually stores a piece of information. Building on that, a VPN or a Virtual Private Network is a private and secure connection over the internet, which protects user privacy. VPN applications let you access a geo-locked website, or any other content on the web safeguarding the crucial details from any other person on the connection and maintaining your anonymity.

How does a VPN Work?

It safeguards the data being transferred on the network from other users on the network. The traffic on a VPN is encrypted in more technical terms and usually sources from a disguised IP address. Essentially, a VPN routes your internet connection through its own private servers. Other than that, other users do not have access to the private network, preventing data leaks, personal details or browsing patterns.

What are the disadvantages of Free VPNs?

Free VPNs may seem appealing at first, particularly to casual users, but it’s crucial to weigh the risks. Continue reading to learn about the drawbacks of a free VPN and how they may affect you.

  • A free VPN may not be as private as you believe – Nothing is really free. Those free VPNs need to make money somewhere. This is often accomplished in several ways, and a free VPN is often accompanied by several potentially intrusive ads. Like conventional ads, they’re frequently targeted at you, which links to the second major privacy concern – your surfing data may be sold to other parties to pay for your free browsing. Before joining up for a VPN service, make sure you read the terms and conditions and any privacy disclosures. Know what you’re getting into and what information may be stolen. Understanding the free VPN’s business strategy is critical if you want to use it for online banking or other secure data transmission.
  • Free VPNs are slower – You may not be getting the most out of a free service. The slower servers are often free VPNs. Streaming movies, torrenting files, or even surfing might be substantially slower than your internet connection. This may not be a problem for casual browsing, but it will frustrate you for long-term use and result in poor service.
  • Also, there may be download or data use constraints limiting the use of a free VPN. Using a free VPN may be a waste of money if you don’t get the most out of your internet connection.
  • Limitations of free VPN servers – Paid VPNs usually have many servers throughout the globe. That’s perfect for streaming material without geo-restrictions. Free VPNs tend to restrict server selection. Depending on your requirements, you may be unable to access certain countries or locations. You might get features on paid VPN apps that aren’t available in the free VPN apps given above (such as NordVPN providing new security features, and iPhone users getting free Google VPN services)
  • Poor Customer service and lack of future support – Want fantastic service? In every sector, you must often pay for it somehow. A free VPN usually has poor customer service. Even if you’re familiar with VPNs, it’s something to consider if you’re not as tech-savvy or confident as you’d want to be. Customers will pay for the most satisfactory service and support from VPNs. If you’re a free user, expect to be on your own (or close enough).
  • Free VPN might function for a single device – You probably possess many devices and want to utilize a VPN on each one. A free VPN account usually only allows one device. That’s OK if you wish to use VPN services on your desktop or laptop, but if you want to use them on your smartphone, tablet, or even your router, you’ll be limited.

Does VPN slow down your Internet connection?

Some consumers are concerned about using a VPN because it may slow down their internet connection. Some VPNs do have this effect. After all, a VPN routes your data via a distant server. This slows down your internet connection. On a different note, many VPNs do everything possible to make your internet connection as fast as possible (and occasionally quicker). The VPN removes the ISP restriction, allowing you to fully use your connection.

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