Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatches Still Facing Problems With H-MR2 Software Update

Fossil Gen 5 watches are quite popular models that are available out there. Introduced in August 2019, it has since received software updates updating various features and fixing bugs. The recent updates upgraded its wellness features including better health tracking, quick access Phone tile along with others. Apparently, Fossil later paused the H-MR2 update for Gen 5 Wear OS watches due to certain issues. Even with that, some Gen 5 users are still facing issues with their devices on H-MR2.

H-MR2 software update is still causing issues on Fossil Gen 5 watches

Based on the latest update, there’s no update on how many units of Fossil Gen 5 watches are affected by the H-MR2 Wear OS update. Some users even suggested performing a factory reset on the update to fix the issues but even after doing it, the device was unable to fix the issue. 

Fossil Gen 5 smartwatches still facing problems with H-MR2 software update

According to the reports, the H-MR2 Wear OS update started to roll out, then paused and was put on hold for some time due to explained reasons. Fossil resumed rolling out the update just a few days ago and it is still persistent with problems that need to be ironed out. Note that not all users are facing the issue and thus, some users have been able to upgrade to H-MR2 on their Fossil Gen 5 smartwatches successfully. 

Android Community added that it is not just the Fossil Gen 5 affected with the update in talks but some Emporio Armani smartwatches are facing similar issues as well. This is because the latter falls under Fossil Group. 

Reddit users have been quite active reporting the broken H-MR2 issue even after Fossil paused it for a long time before resuming it. You can check out the error message users are getting on their Gen 5 smartwatches. 

The Wear OS-powered smartwatches are battery-efficient and powerful to carry out a whole load of tasks. The H-MR2 was earlier said to improve boot times and app launch times by up to 20 percent. Fossil will update users when more information about the H-MR2 software update is available. 

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