A New Image From “Halloween Kills” Shows Michael Myers Burnt Face Mask

Michael Myers is undoubtedly one of the best fictional serial killers ever created. The long-running slasher franchise has had numerous films under its banner, from sequels to spinoffs to reboots. The upcoming film in the series, Halloween Kills, ditches everything the series offers and starts as a sequel to the 1978 original movie.

Michael Myers starts his killing spree at an early age, with his first victim being his older sister, Judith Myers. For his actions, he was committed to a sanitarium. Almost fifteen years later, the madman escapes and wreckage havoc in the town of Haddonfield, a fictional place, that too only with a kitchen knife. Having said that, he only kills on the day of Halloween, which also happens to the day when he killed his sister.

The original film has seen eight sequels, including the remake of the original movie in 2007 by Rob Zombie. The sequel to the remake came out just two years later. Another sequel came out in 2018, which was the direct sequel to the original film.

The new image shows Michael Myers’ burnt face mask, which is similar to its predecessors. Halloween Kills is set to release in October this year. The promotional campaign and advertising seem to be in full swing. While Michael’s look isn’t new, fans are relieved to see him alive after he was stuck in the basement of a burning house in an earlier film. If you happen to watch the previous movies’ post-credit scene, you might already know he was alive since and was heard breathing heavily. It looks like Jamie Lee Curtis will return as Laurie Strode, the sole survivor of Michael’s rampage.

Lindsey Wallace and Tommy Doyle are also said to be making a comeback in the movie. While the movie is set for a theatrical release on October 15, there are chances it might be made available for streaming, according to Carpenter himself.



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