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How to Get Android 12’s New Emojis on any Rooted Android Device

Recently, we learned that Google added Unicode’s Emoji 13.1 to Gboard’s emoji kitchen in a beta update. While the company is likely to introduce these new emojis with Android 12, but here we have brought you a way how you can get them on any device with older versions of Android. Note that these new Unicode 13.1 emojis haven’t yet made an appearance on any Android 12 Developer Preview builds. However, you can now start using them on any rooted Android phone with older versions. Here’s how:

If you also want to get Android 12’s new emojis on your Android phone, then you’ll first need to root your device. Next, you need to download XDA senior member RKBD’s Emoji Magisk module from the XDA forum. Downloading and flashing this module will replace the system’s emoji font file with an updated version. This new file contains new emojis that will be coming with the upcoming Android 12 release.

The good thing is that this module works on any rooted Android device and doesn’t require you to have Android 12, which anyway doesn’t exist yet. To download the RKBD’s Emoji Magisk module, click here.

New Emojis in the RKBD’s Emoji Magisk Module

XDA’s RKBD Magisk module contains several new emojis that will make an appearance in the upcoming Android version. Note that these are still limited and a stable Android 12 release will bring more of them. However, the ones that you’ll get in your rooted device now are not available in the current set of emojis in Android 11. So, this is still a fair deal to get new emojis even before they arrive for other people.

Also, note that Gboard users can now also access the new Unicode’s Emoji 13.1 set in the emoji kitchen. According to a tweet, Google has finally launched the Emoji 13.1 set in a stable release of Gboard in Emoji Kitchen.

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