iOS 15, 15.1 Users Report Blurry Thumbnails Issue in Photos App, Here’s a Potential Fix

iPhone users running the latest iOS 15 and 15.1 builds are facing a new issue with the Photos app. Some users are reporting that the thumbnails in the Photos app are appearing blurry after they upgraded to the latest iOS version. Several users took to Reddit and Apple forum to raise a complaint about it. Here’s what the affected iPhone users have reported on various forums to complain about the issue:

Ever since i updated to iOS 15.1 when i open the Photos app the thumbnails of the Albums are blurry. Never had this happen before. When i open each album and check the photos they are ok. The only problem is with the album thumbnails. Anyway to fix this?


Users facing this issue are clueless about the reason why thumbnails are appearing blurry in the Photos app. Some users say they have tried restoring, clean installing, and downloading pictures from iCloud, but this still does not seem to fix the issue. One user in Apple forums said:

I’m having this exact same issue since 15.1. I tried restoring, clean installing, downloading all pictures vs optimizing them… nothing makes a difference. This started as soon as 15.1 was installed so clearly it’s a bug. My photos look fine when I open them but on the camera roll themselves they look blurry.

Some iOS 15, 15.1 Users Report Blurry Thumbnails Issue in Photos App, Here's a Potential Fix

A Potential Workaround Lies Within iPhone Settings

According to some people facing this issue, the thumbnails in the Photos app on iOS 15 and 15.1 appear blurry, but pictures in each album look fine. So, they have been asking for a possible fix on various public discussion forums. One community member in the Apple forum said only those people are facing this issue who have turned on the “Optimize iPhone Storage” option. And because of this, their iPhone is saving photos to the iCloud, while keeping low-resolution images in the device.

So, if you’re also facing this issue on your iPhone after upgrading it to iOS 15 or 15.1, disabling the Optimize iPhone Storage option on your device will likely fix the problem. But if it doesn’t, there is no way you can resolve this issue. You can only wait for Apple to fix it in the next update. However, the company hasn’t yet acknowledged the problem. Moreover, some beta testers of iOS 15.2 Beta 2 say that it’s not even fixed in this build.

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