iPhone 13 will add several new camera features along with ProRes video recording

Everyone is hyped about the next version of the iPhone that is scheduled to release in the next few months. Now, a report suggests that the iPhone 13 will feature a new Portrait mode that will enhance the phone’s camera capabilities.

Even though the Google Pixel camera is significantly better at image processing, one of the main selling points of the iPhone is its camera. It looks like ‘The Shot on iPhone’ initiative is working well for Apple. Having said that, a recent report claimed that the iPhone 13 camera capabilities would be receiving a significant boost this year, with several new features planned for the phone.

However, the biggest improvement will be the newly updated Portrait mode, which will allow users to record videos with the same bokeh and other effects offered by the image mode. Bloomberg suggests that the video quality will be the same as its image counterpart.

iPhone 13 will add several new camera features along with ProRes video recording

Along with the new Portrait mode, a filter-like system is indicated to accompany the feature that will help improve the image quality and the photo colors. Apple is reportedly using AI to make changes to objects and subjects, something which Google has been doing for years in their own way.

Also, the new ProRes video recording feature will allow the footage to be captured in higher quality. If you are unfamiliar with the term, ProRes is a format that is used by professional filmmakers. Not only does it allow more storage capacity, but the format also manages to preserve image details compared to raw video.

The iPhone 13 is scheduled to come out sometime in the fall this year. Some other rumors suggest an upgraded sensor stack, larger lenses, and autofocus for the Pro variants.


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