Microsoft is Adding Support for AAC Codec Over Bluetooth on Windows 10

Microsoft rolls out updates to Windows 10 now and then. Some updates improve performance, some are towards fixing bugs and some bring updates and new features. Microsoft will soon release a new Windows 10 update which is perhaps towards audio improvements.

According to the reports, Windows 10 will now get the much-anticipated support for Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) over Bluetooth. Once added, this will open up support to newer Bluetooth speakers and headphones on Windows 10 that it will be compatible with. The feature is already being tested and should arrive soon.

Windows 10 is getting an audio update – AAC codec

Windows 10 supports aptX and SBC codecs over Bluetooth which already supports a large number of Bluetooth headphones and speakers. However, it lacks support for the AAC codec. For those who don’t know, Apple uses an AAC codec over Bluetooth on all of its headphones for better audio quality over Apple Music and iTunes.

With the incoming update, Windows 10 users will be able to latch on to AirPods and other Apple devices over Bluetooth with better sound quality.

Microsoft is adding support to AAC codec over Bluetooth on Windows 10

If that’s not enough, Microsoft is also working towards simplifying Bluetooth inputs on the OS. For now, when you tap on the taskbar sound menu, you get multiple audio profiles from all headphones and speakers connected to the system. This is confusing for some and that is where the new update comes into play. The update to this option shows that the system will automatically select the audio profile depending upon if you are talking or listening to the music. All you have to do is to select the output device and bingo, you are all set.

Perhaps these aren’t the only feature additions. Microsoft is working on a few audio management chops such as with the EarTrumpet app that lets you convert digital to analog, control multiple outputs and have access to all the headsets connected with the system, and so on.

Microsoft released a major Windows 10 update just recently fixing the issues with rearranging apps on multiple monitors setup. The incoming update also includes new File Explorer icons, support for Xbox Auto HDR for games, and so on.

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