New Moto Wear OS Watches to Come Soon: Moto G, Moto Watch, and Moto One

The Smartwatch market is buzzing like never before and most smartphone brands have been in this market for quite some time. Other than Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and many others, we also saw a Moto-branded smartwatch, the Moto 360, in early 2020. However, it wasn’t released by Motorola but by a different company called eBuyNow. It came after the company signed a licensing deal with Motorola over a year ago. But now, more Moto-branded or Moto Wear OS watches are coming later this year.

As per a published investor presentation dated February 9, 2021, from eBuyNow and CE Brands, there will be 3 new Moto watches coming this year. This presentation was first spotted by Watch Smarty and published on its forum. The upcoming three Moto watches running Wear OS include Moto G Smartwatch, Moto Watch, and Moto One. As per a product roadmap for 2021, the Moto G Smartwatch will launch in June and the Moto Watch and Moto One will come in July.

New Moto Wear OS Watches

New Moto Wear OS Watches to Come Soon: Moto G, Moto Watch, and Moto One

While looking at the naming, the Moto G Smartwatch seems to be named after the Moto G line of phones. It will allegedly be identical to the current Moto 360 smartwatch. However, reports say that it will instead have a white/silver case and non-rotating crown with two flat buttons on the right. Further, the name suggests that the Moto G Smartwatch will be a more affordable offering. As aforementioned, all three Moto watches will run Wear OS.

Now looking at the launch timeline, we see that after about a month after the Moto G Smartwatch launch, we should see two more Moto smartwatches. These are named “Moto Watch” and “Moto One”. The Moto Watch will reportedly be rectangular in shape, and it will run Wear OS with one button — somewhat similar to the Apple Watch. The other watch, ie. the Moto One will be rounded and slimmer and maybe a more premium wearable.

There is currently no information on the specifications of the new Moto-branded Wear OS watches, but considering eBuyNow’s touted relationship with Qualcomm, it looks like they’ll use Snapdragon Wear 4100 SoC. The affordable Moto G Smartwatch may use a Snapdragon 3100 processor. Further, the devices could have 1GB of RAM. Apart from this, the presentation also suggests a white third-generation Moto 360 that comes with a transparent rear case. This means that we could also expect a new Moto 360 that will allow us to see its circuitry like charging coils etc.

If the launches go as planned, we will have a lineup of new Moto smartwatches that could provide significant competition to the existing offerings from other brands.

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