Omari Hardwick says Dave Bautista is his ‘forever brother’

Zack Snyder’s latest project, Army of the Dead is out in select theatres in the United States. The zombie heist film was released on May 14. Omari Hardwick, who plays the role of Vanderohe, a soldier by profession has praised his co star David Bautista.

During his recent interaction with Looper, Omar Hardwick said that he and Dave Bautista had become good friends in the time they spent on the set. He also referred to his friend as forever brother. Omari revealed that their friendship began when Dave sent Omari a picture of the gun training as Navy Seal operatives.

Omari Hardwick says Dave Bautista is his 'forever brother'

Dave Bautista called him the ‘real deal’ while also posting the photo on his social media account with a caption ‘Omari is the real deal.’ Omari said he loved the way Dave inspired him and made him confident. He also went on to say that their bond was like Paulie and Rocky in the movie Rocky. The way Michael Jordan went over to Scottie Pippen and told him ‘You got it, you got it’ to further boost his confidence.

Omari told Looper that he already knows what his character brings to the table and that Dave having his back was made him feel more comfortable while working. When the film was wrapped up, Dave Bautista and Omari Hendrick had become good friends. He also shared a text between the two that started with ‘I’m exhausted, I’ve had a long day. Good to see you on the Zoom. Why did you do not say hello to me?’ to which Omari replied, ‘I guess my mic was muted. I said hello three times and you didn’t say back.’

Their conversation ended with ‘Love you brother, have a good night.’ Omari Hendrick said they will be forever brothers and that is ready to fight him any day. Army of the Dead will be available for streaming on Netflix from May 21. In the meantime, check out the trailer of Army of the Dead below!



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