Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 teardown video gives useful insight into its design

In the last few weeks, we have covered a lot of news about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 and the Galaxy Z Fold3. The recently launched phone was loved by many, but it remains to be seen if it will be a commercial success.

Having said that, PBKreviews has now torn down the latest foldable clamshell phone in their latest disassembly video. It gives us a deep insight into how the Galaxy Z Flip3 is designed and what makes the flip work.

We can see that after we disconnect the cover screen connection cable, some screws, and the battery cable, the top half of the device is finally visible. Here, we can clearly see the 1.9-inch cover screen along with the mainboard, the cameras, and the battery for the little secondary display.

Interestingly, the small battery is not easy to remove since Samsung did not attach any pull tabs. In order to remove the battery, you will have to use an alcohol solution and tear it apart from the adhesive.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 teardown video gives useful insight into its design

The phone features a thermal pad in the bottom half of the phone and a large 2,370 mAh battery along with the charging port to manage thermals. Last but not least, we finally spot the thin, flexible display that is placed on top of the folding hinge.

PKBreviews rated the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 4/10 when it comes to repairability.


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