Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip2 are likely to get an official IP rating

Samsung is gearing up to launch two foldable phones this year. Dubbed as Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip2 (or Z Flip 3 in case Samsung decides to match the generations of the Flip’s with the Fold’s). It is expected to arrive in June or July 2021 and apparently, these devices will be the first to have an official IP rating.

The previous generations of foldable smartphones from Samsung lacked IP rating which made paying $2,000 per unit make a risky bet. However, with the latest news in mind about those people who do know it, both the devices will have a specific IP rating although we aren’t aware exactly which IP rating it will get.

Some reports suggest it could be in-line with IP67/IP68 rating that provides both the device’s resistance of up to 30 minutes submerged underwater and at a depth of 1m for IP67 and 1.5m for IP68 as well as keeps it away from debris and dust that comes its way. This comes from the IP rating that the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra sports and since Z Flip2 and Z Fold3 are both flagship devices at upwards of $2,000 each, getting an IP rating would be a great addition.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3: What is an IP Rating?

IP Rating or Ingress Protection rating is awarded to smartphones after they are secured by the OEM to ensure no water or debris enters into the enclosure. Depending upon how many minutes and at what depth the smartphone can stay submerged underwater defines the required IP rating. Adding an IP rating with foldable devices would add durability and reliability if the phone is subjected to water or dust which otherwise would have damaged the phone to a great extent.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip2 and Galaxy Z Fold3 are slated to arrive in June/July 2021. Both the devices will have top-of-the-line specifications with Android 11-powered OneUI 3.1 out-of-the-box as well as 3 years of major Android OS updates. The Galaxy Z Fold3 will arrive with S-Pen support although there’s no built-in place to sneak the S-Pen in. These two will be the only foldable smartphones that Samsung will launch this year.


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