Samsung is offering RAM Plus or Virtual RAM on mid-range and flagship devices

Samsung has recently added a new feature on its Galaxy A52 5G model via the security patch update called ‘RAM Plus’ that basically increases the virtual RAM on the handset. These days a new trend has been started to push virtual memory features on a couple of Android devices from several manufacturers to have a virtual memory in the background that stores the important task in memory management by prioritizing it.

Well, there is nothing to get excited about because the RAM Plus feature basically extends an amount of RAM size virtually by using your device’s internal storage. So, that may not be extraordinary for sure unless the RAM Management is doing well on your device software or specific model. This is the same kind of feature that we’re using on Windows OS for years which allocates some disk storage as the virtual RAM.

Samsung is offering RAM Plus or Virtual RAM on mid-range and flagship devices

Now, according to SamMobile, the feature isn’t limited to the budget or mid-ranger Galaxy devices but is also available on the flagship Galaxy Z Fold 3 which already has 12GB of RAM. That means each and every mid-range and premium tier Galaxy device will soon receive the RAM Plus feature via software updates anytime soon. Although One UI 4.0 Beta on Android 12 Beta doesn’t have RAM Plus feature as of now which has been rolling out to Galaxy S21 series in some regions. But we’re expecting that the feature will arrive soon most probably.

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As we’ve already mentioned, there is nothing really exciting because it may not gonna helpful in most cases even though if you have a good amount of physical RAM on your Galaxy device apart from a 4GB or higher amount of virtual RAM. Meanwhile, there is no way to customize the virtual memory or turn it off. So, there is no point in having this feature on Android as of now.

One thing to mention is that Samsung has recently started forcefully killing background tasks to clear out RAM Management sometimes or whenever required which will eventually affect virtual RAM function too.

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