In Samsung One UI devices, you can set up a work profile via the Island app

By using the application ‘Island’, you can now set up a work profile on your Samsung Galaxy devices that run on One UI skin. Although some users claim that Samsung offers a native work profile option on their devices, the Island app basically uses the Samsung native work profile to clone all of your installed apps to the Samsung Work Profile.

If you don’t have a work account, then you’ll need this app to access the work profile without having to create one on the Samsung Galaxy device. A secured folder app will be available on the device, but it will not function like the work profile. However, the Island app doesn’t function if Samsung Knox security has been tripped. Therefore, even after reinstalling the stock firmware, the third-party app may not work.

 The default secured folder app works fine. However, the Island app is a great addition to your work profile. To install it, you’ll need to go to the Play Store (follow this link) and just set up the Samsung Work Profile. Once done, it’s all yours. The app includes features such as Isolate app for privacy protection, Clone app to enable parallel running, Freeze app to block its background behaviors, Hide app for a variety of reasons, Use VPN only on one side or use different VPN on both sides of the app, etc.  

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