Marvel Legends Releases Infinity Sage Figures – Surtur at $52.99

Remember the fire-y monster from the movie Thor: Ragnarok who took Hela with at the end, I am talking about Surtur and it has just received homage with its action figure by Marvel Legends and it is a biggie.

Marvel Legends updates its list of action figures ever so often and the 13-inch model of Surtur is the latest addition. As a part of Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Figures, the Surtur is a 13-inch model made on a 6-inch-scale and captures all the extrinsic details you would have heard, read, or show in the comics and/or movies. It is a premium design and detailed keeping all the curves, texture, shape, and size into consideration that probably took days to conceptualize if not more.

Marvel Legends releases Infinity Sage Figures - Surtur at $52.99

The action figure has multiple points of articulation that allows you to embrace various poses and motions that will raise the stake of your beloved Marvel collection to the next level. You get 3 accessories along with the figure when you purchase it from Amazon or Hasbro Plus and this includes his broadsword as well.

Marvel Legends Series Surtur is inspired from the movies aka Thor: Ragnarok where he made his first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). All the details are on-point and believe it or not, you will instantly love in love with this collectible. This seems as an irony given the fact that Surtur is a super villain but hey, at least he made Hela go so that evens things out a bit. 

Pre-order the Marvel Legends Series Surtur

The Marvel Legends Series Surtur is available on both Hasbro Pulse and Amazon websites for a price tag of $52.99 plus shipping (if applicable). It has since become an instant best seller on Amazon. Note that Hasbro Pulse has limited the order of 2 per customer and has since been sold out so depending upon when you try to buy it, check for the availability of stock. Estimated shipping date may change and the payment can be made either pre or post delivery. 

You can pre-order it now to get your hands on Surtur to add in your Marvel collection of action figures. 

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