Spotify enables Apple Watch users to listen to Music Offline

Spotify recently added a new feature that adds support for offline download to the Apple Watch. Up until now, Apple Watch users were not able to download their music on the watch.

It seems like this won’t be the case anymore. Spotify users can now download all their music to the Apple Watch. This makes the need to carry your smartphone redundant since you will no longer need the internet to stream using the service.

The Spotify announcement said, ‘Disconnect from your phone and stay connected to the music.’

The Spotify app for Apple Watch was first available in November of 2018. The app was missing several features on its initial release and acted only as a remote control for the main app. Even Engadget said it was a mere gimmick. Fast forward two years, the Spotify app for Apple Watch allows the user to directly stream the music instead of relying on the smartphone version.

But it did not enable the users to download music directly on the device. They also said that the feature would also be available on the Google WearOS. The streaming service followed in the footsteps of Deezer, a rival music streaming service.

Also, Siri is now able to make use of the music app on your smartwatch. Users can make use of various voice commands such as play, pause, slip, like and adjust the volume. If they want to use Spotify, users will have to add ‘on Spotify’ after every command.

Having said that, the new features are only available on Spotify Premium and Apple Watch Series 3 or newer products.


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