Android 11+ now makes it easier to launch the virtual Android TV Remote

Google has released a new update for the Google Home app for Android, bringing the version to The update brings a built-in remote to control your Android TV or Google TV devices. Earlier, users had to use the Google TV app or the physical remote to control their television. But now, you can control your TV with just the Google Home Android app by tapping the “Open Remote” option.

According to a report from 9to5Google, the Google Home v2.46 gets a new “Open remote” option at the bottom-left corner. Users need to enter a pairing code after tapping Open remote, and then a virtual remote will display on the screen. With the virtual remote, you can swipe to navigate and tap to select things on your Android/Google TV.

New Google Home App Brings a Built-in Android TV Remote, Launches by Tapping the TV Device Tile in Device Controls on Android 11+
Image courtesy: Mishaal Rahman / Twitter

Launch the Virtual Remote by Tapping the TV Device Tile in Device Controls on Android 11+

Apart from opening the Google Home app to launch the virtual remote, users can reportedly tap the TV device tile in Device Controls on Android 11+. According to a tweet from Mishaal Rahman, Android TV owners can “now launch the virtual remote by tapping the TV device tile in Device Controls on Android 11+.” Earlier, the Google TV app provided a similar Quick Settings tile, but this is a good alternative to that — you don’t need the Google TV app anymore.

Actually, it was in September that Google announced that it would soon be adding remotes for Android/Google TV devices to the Google Home app. The tech giant has kept its promise and released the feature through an update on Google Play. Now users of Android/Google TV devices will no longer need the Google TV app or a physical remote.

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