The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 might have a side fingerprint sensor

With the success and huge demand in the market for foldable devices in the last couple of years, it seems that Samsung is going to take a giant leap in foldable devices this year. Last year the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 models were stunners, especially in the South Korean market. Whereas other markets are also gradually expanding towards foldable devices because they’re easy to carry and offer plenty of additional features than a normal-sized smartphone. Meanwhile, some reports are coming out that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 model will also gonna include a side fingerprint sensor.

Obviously, in terms of the other hardware or technology development, both the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 models will gonna include plenty of new features or functionalities. Both of them should come in a brand-new flagship processor, higher memory & storage options, improved cameras, maybe a new S-Pen, etc. However, in terms of the overall look and design of these models and some of the external things won’t be updated.

According to some reports online, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 (or Galaxy Fold4) might not gonna feature an in-display fingerprint sensor as of now. It’ll still continue pushing the side-mounted fingerprint scanner like we already have seen on the existing Galaxy foldable devices. Whereas there can be a user perspective because the placement of the side fingerprint sensor is more accurate and natural than an in-display fingerprint sensor.

While plenty of smartphone users prefer hardware or button-specific fingerprint scanner placed at the side button or at the backside rather than directly on the display.

Both types of fingerprint sensor placements do have their own sort of pros and cons but the individual fingerprint scanner placement seems much more convenient for a smartphone user and especially on a foldable device where the bigger part of the screen gets folded all the time until you manually unfold the screen.

Well, even if the side-mounted fingerprint sensor is in trend right now for foldable devices, in the near future we’ll see in-display fingerprint sensors on every type of smartphone.

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