Unreleased ARM iMac Leaked by Xcode Crash Reporter as Launch of Redesigned Model Nears

Cupertino giant Apple has started transitioning its Mac lineup to Apple Silicon processors, and some reports have suggested that the company might soon do this to the iMac too. Now, a currently unreleased iMac with the first-party processor, the ARM chip, had leaked through Xcode’s Crash Reporter feature. Notably, this leak comes just ahead of the release of a redesigned all-in-one iMac model which is rumored to launch sometime later this year.

As Apple is shifting its Mac lineup to the first-party chips, several reports and rumors hint that it’ll be an iMac next in the line. It seems like these rumors are soon going to turn true, as an unannounced iMac device with an ARM chip has made an appearance through a crash report file of the Xcode Crash Reporter feature. According to a crash report file shared with 9to5Google by DraftCloud developer Dennis Oberhoff, there appears to be an app crash while running on an iMac with an ARM processor. Since Apple doesn’t sell an all-in-one, Mac, with an Apple Silicon chip at the moment, it means that the file has surfaced from an unreleased model. You can see the attached screenshot of the crash report file showing an ARM-powered (ARM64) iMac.

Unreleased ARM iMac Leaked by Xcode Crash Reporter as Launch of Redesigned Model Nears
Image courtesy: 9to5Google

Apple Could Soon Announce Redesigned iMac

As per the past reports, Apple has been working on a redesigned all-in-one iMac that it will release sometime in 2021. The upcoming iMac refresh is said to represent one of the biggest visual redesigns to the Apple ecosystem this year. A Bloomberg report from January has claimed that the upcoming redesigned iMac will feature a design that’s inspired by the Pro Display XDR. It is also expected to come in new colors like blue and green. Other details are not yet known but some rumors suggest a 24-inch model that would reportedly replace the 21.5-inch iMac.

Note that it is not clear whether the 2021 iMac lineup will use the M1 Apple Silicon chip or come with another iteration of the first-party SoC. Also, there is no official information on when the refreshed iMacs will release. However, there are some hints and indications that the upcoming iMacs would debut sooner than later. To those of you who don’t know, Apple recently stopped the manufacturing of the iMac Pro and some other 21.5-inch iMac configurations.

We don’t know when exactly we’re going to see the iMacs with the Apple Silicon processors, but if the reports are true, it shouldn’t take much longer as the tech giant appears to be working on them already.

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