EA Sports releases New FIFA Mobile Beta for Android, invites players to test it

EA Sports on early Tuesday announced that FIFA Mobile Beta early access is now available for Android devices. The video game developer via a tweet called all FIFA Mobile players from India, Romania, and Canada to test new modes, features, and gameplay in development in the FIFA Mobile Limited Beta on Android. The beta testing will be available for three weeks.

The beta app is now available on the Google Play Store, and players from the above-mentioned countries can get early access to the game. At the moment, the FIFA Mobile beta is available only for Android devices and not for iOS. However, if you’re outside these regions and want to test the new FIFA Mobile beta, you may do so by using a VPN and connecting to a server from one of the three countries — India, Romania, and Canada.

You Can Test All Features Even When the Game is in Beta

As said before, EA Sports has released the new FIFA Mobile beta in the form of a limited test for Android devices. However, the game gives players from the above-mentioned countries the whole experience by rewarding them with ample resources and premium features, even though the app is beta. The company wants to let the testing players explore all nooks and corners within the FIFA Mobile beta. So they can understand where the game works and where it still needs more work.

EA Sports Releases New FIFA Mobile Beta for Android, Testing Begins in 3 Countries Including India

The new FIFA Mobile beta hints that a new season of FIFA Mobile is soon coming. The game has grown in both users and game modes over the past few years. Moreover, the developer is constantly trying to make the mobile version of FIFA similar to the PC or console editions.

If you’re from one of the three countries and a fan of FIFA Mobile, you can get early access to FIFA Mobile beta by visiting the app page on the Google Play Store.

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