Google Camera 8.4.167 is available for the Pixel 6 and is around 300MB in size

People who have purchased or received the retail units of the Pixel 6 series are now receiving an update to the Google Camera app that should improve the quality and fix other bugs. Yes! The latest version of Google Camera 8.4.167 is now available for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro and is around 300MB in size. Users report that the update comes as a prompt inside the camera app such as “An update is available for this camera”, which is great.

The new update brings Timer light, Manual white balance toggle, Manual exposure toggle, Bluetooth mic support, etc. With that in place, Pixel 6 series owners can record video and audio at the same time with Pixel Buds or another TWS. There are a number of features in the Google Camera app, including white balance, exposure, camera photo resolution, save selfie as a preview, video stabilization, audio zoom, and more.

Also, the Advanced mode brings RAW+JPEG control, store videos efficiently option, social media depth features, time-lapse for astrophotography, show dirty lens warning, save location, camera sound, Google Lens suggestions, social share, gestures, frequent faces, device storage, and more apart from Night Light, Portrait, Blur mode, Slow Motion, etc.

It’s unclear whether the other Pixel devices have all the new features after sideloading Google Camera 8.4.167 APK. Apparently, the Google Pixel 3 XL presents itself as a Pixel 6 Pro. As a result, Pixel 3 XL users might be able to try out some of the new features. Other Pixel devices, such as the Pixel 4a 5G, did not experience similar improvements. 

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