Some Google Pixel Phones Reportedly Hit By Daylight Saving Time Update Bug

Starting yesterday, Daylight Saving Time has started in the US and Canada, but reports are coming that some Google Pixel phones did not update the time automatically. As per the posts shared by some Reddit users, some Pixel phones across various states in the US did not update and jump ahead of the prescribed hour. This has reportedly caused inconvenience to a lot of affected users. However, the fix for this bug was a simple reboot of the Pixel phone.

According to the Reddit posts of users who were affected by this Google Pixel DST bug, Pixel phones across all generations did not jump from 2 AM to 3 AM. Moreover, some users reported that this issue activated the Google Clock app’s “Automatic home clock” feature. This feature is activated when a user travels in an area where the time is different. It adds a separate “clock for home” on the phone. Users who reported this issue said that the proper time appeared in the Clock app for “home”, but not for the system.

Google Pixel DST Bug Affected Only Some Devices

Some Google Pixel Phones Reportedly Hit By Daylight Saving Time Update Bug

According to a 9to5Google report, this is the first time Google Pixel users have faced any problem with Daylight Saving Time. It’s unclear how this issue occurred even when users were using the default “network-provided time” and “time zone” preference in device settings. But fortunately, the fix was easy, as what a user had to do is a simple reboot. However, no such issue was not encountered on Nest Hub and other Assistant Smart Displays.

Some Google Pixel Phones Reportedly Hit By Daylight Saving Time Update Bug

While it caused inconvenience to some users, the Google Pixel DST bug didn’t appear to be a universal issue. 9to5Google reports that their stateside devices were not affected by this bug. However, users in other states who faced this issue were inconvenienced, as many relied on their Pixel phones for the time and alarms. Some users reported that they woke up late thinking the DST change would take place automatically like before. But, Google hasn’t said anything about this bug, although Made by Google tweeted about DST, Pixel, and Pi Day.

Now that all users should have fixed this issue, but if you’re still encountering such an issue then all you need to do is simply reboot your Pixel device.

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