Google Asks Users For Their Opinions On Wear OS features Via Surveys

As the Google I/O Conference 2021 is approaching, reports about the various announcements, releases, launches that will take place at the event have been catching a lot of attention. The latest to add is the surveys that Wear OS users are now getting on their smartphones prompting users to rate how much the users like Wear OS.

According to some Reddit users who took it to the forum, Google is now seeing out surveys on smartphones paired with smartwatches to rate just how satisfied they are using the watch.

The notification that smartphone users are getting is straightforward and has a single question whether how satisfied the users are with the smartwatches. Users get a tonne of options ranging from very dissatisfied to very satisfied. Once they are done with it, users can attend the full-fledged questionnaire that Google has prepared to know which features to improve on the Wear OS which is the operating system all Google-powered smartphones run on.

Wear OS surveys

Google is now collecting surveys before Google I/O Conference 2021

The second survey does go in-depth asking users about the features that use the phone and how they use their watches on a daily basis. Further, the survey asks about the types of fitness activities users indulge in. Another question that we have spotted in the survey is about smart home devices, their types and how users use them, and so on.

For the uninitiated, this isn’t the first time for Google to release a survey towards enhancing the Wear OS where the users get the surveys at the onset of each year.

Google has released quite a few updates on its Wear OS be it for the updates that the Google Fit received or the Gboad that Google has tweaked to work on tiny screens as well custom Tiles where are currently in the pipeline and are slated to arrive with the Wear OS Spring update.

Google discontinued Google Play Music a while ago and there’s still no replacement for it on Wear OS so we could see some updates about it as well. The Google I/O Conference 2021 is scheduled for May 18 while the survey arrives a week earlier just in time for all Wear OS users to submit their answers. A Google Pixel Watch is also speculated to make its debut at the event after Google acquired Fitbit.


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