Halo Infinite Allegedly Starts Crashing Due to Memory Leak Issue, Potential Workaround Inside

Halo Infinite is a popular first-person shooter game, and it’s the latest installment in the FPS series. While the game has gained a significant fan following since its launch in August, players have been discovering and experiencing many issues. Among the many issues that the 343 Industries-developed game has, there’s a new memory leak issue that players are facing with the Halo Infinite on PC.

According to the recent reports from Halo Infinite players on Twitter [123] and Reddit [12], there’s a memory leak issue in the latest FPS game that is causing crashing and low performance on PC. The frequent crashing and underperforming of the game is frustrating many players, leading them to report the issue on social media. The memory leak issue in Halo Infinite needs to be resolved in order to make players achieve the best gaming experience.

Halo Infinite Suffers Memory Leak Issue, Potential Workaround 

As per the reports, the Halo Infinite players have discovered that the game suffers from a memory leak issue on PC. Multiple reports suggest that the game directly crashes due to its high use of hardware resources. Meanwhile, for some users, the issue causes the frame to behave erratically, affecting gameplay. However, the crashing issue allegedly occurs after a while of playing.

While the issues that the Halo Infinite players are facing are frustrating, the relief is that there are some workarounds that potentially mitigate performance issues. According to some players, a potential workaround lies in modifying the RAM clock speeds. Reportedly, either raising or lowering the RAM clock speed mitigates the issue. Apart from this, some reports suggest that periodically restarting the game also helps mitigate the performance issues.

Further, one user reports that the Halo Waypoint support team responding to the complaint said that the issue was logged with developers. However, there is currently no public statement from the company in this regard.

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