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How to Fix DirecTv Error Code 775: Simple and Effective Ways

Are you a DirecTV customer and you are seeing an error message on your TV screen that says DirecTV Error Code 775.?! Then in this guide, I will tell you some simple and effective ways to fix the DirecTV Error 775. First, let’s understand why this error happens.

Normally, when we talk about satellite TV, the dish antenna for DirecTV attached to your household receives the signal from the satellite and thus you can tune into various channels and watch your favorite TV programs. 

When for some reason the TV loses its communication with the satellite then the DirecTV Error 775 shows up. 

DirecTV Error 775 Explained

You may wonder what’s the significance of 775 in the DirecTV Error Code 775. This number is like an identification number that denotes a particular problem the television signal is facing. 

There are numerous errors and each of them is uniquely identified by such an error code. There can be various reasons such as loose cables not connected properly, bad weather conditions disrupting the signals etc.

directv error 775 fix guide

When you get the suggested shown error, it means that your satellite dish is not functioning correctly or that it is “not in communication” with your receiver’s antenna terminal. This might have occurred as a result of any of the following factors, which you should investigate one by one:

1. Unplug the power supply.

This is a little rectangular black box with a green light on it that powerfully provides a charge equivalent to 21-volts, allowing the satellite output from the dish to be sent straight to the main set of the receiver.

2. Non-alignment of the Satellite dish

This issue happens when the satellites are placed in a way that causes them to operate out of alignment. This may quickly manifest itself as a result of a faulty installation in which a mounted dish antenna is not installed at the proper depth in the ground.

3. A faulty wire inside the dish and between the dish and the receiver end

These wiring difficulties may be caused by fractures and abused broken wires that have been subjected to constant use for many years while being exposed to environmental conditions, particularly direct sunlight in tropical climates, can cause them.

4. A Faulty receiver

When an electronic component (motherboard unit, satellite input port, uncontrolled power source bus, or power cord plug-in type) fails internally as a consequence of a power surge in the electrical current, it is no longer able to receive the Satcom-based signal it was previously receiving.

Even there is a Swim Power inserter that is used with DirecTV connections which may not be connected properly to a power source or may have some technical snag in it. 

How to Fix DirecTV Error Code 775

Now, that we have learned enough about the DirecTV Error 775, let’s check out how to solve it. 

Check Connection of the DirecTV Receiver

  • First, check in the back of your DirecTV receiver for loose connectivity of cables. 
  • Then check if the Satellite In or SAT IN needs to be reconnected
  • You may also try to switch off your Television and turn it back once again. 

If you still see the DirecTV Error 775 then move on to the next troubleshooting method. 

Is there a Bad Weather Condition in your Region?

Bad weather condition is something which is not in any one’s control. So, as per my previous mention if you have ongoing bad weather conditions like heavy rainfall, storm, etc then most likely the TV signal will be affected. 

Due to communication errors with satellites, Error Code 775 will show up frequently. The only thing you can do is to wait for the bad weather condition to get over.  

Is the Swim Power Inserter properly Connected to Power Source?

Normally, these inserters are connected to a power source and then routed through cables connected to the satellite TV dish. Any loose connection can result in Error Code 775.

In addition to their satellite dish and DIRECTV receiver, the vast majority of DIRECTV subscribers also have a Swim power inserter installed. Swim power inserters must be linked to a power outlet in order to function properly. Because they are attached to the cables that go to DIRECTV satellite dishes, you should look for yours in the same location.

It’s possible that your Swim power inserter is not in the same room as your DIRECTV receiver, so make sure to check each and every room. Assuming you do have a Swim power inserter, make certain that it is properly connected to a power outlet and that it is both switched on and functioning properly. It is possible that power cycling the power inserter will resolve the error code 775 for you if the power inserter is already operational.

Otherwise, if the connection is fine but you are still seeing DirecTV Error 775 then you can try to power cycle the Swim inserter. 

To do that,

  • Remove the Swim inserter from the power outlet
  • Wait for a minute and plug back the inserter into the power outlet. 
  • Switch on the power
  • Turn on the TV and check if you are able to watch your programs or still you are seeing error message. The issue usually gets fixed with this troubleshooting. 

Reach out to DirecTV Support

If all of the above fixes I have mentioned above did not work regarding solving the DirecTV Error Code 775, then the last resort is to contact the official support team of DirecTV. 

Contact them via social network, or through email, or by phone call and let them know about the issue you are facing. 

They should send someone to fix the problem at your end. In most cases, with professional intervention, the issue gets fixed for good. 

So, these are some of the simple and effective ways to fix the DirecTV Error Code 775 on your television. 

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