LG Wing receives Android 11 update on Verizon surprisingly

After the announcement of getting shut down by the end of 2021, LG is finally rolling out the Android update to its flagship model. LG Wing receives Android 11 update on Verizon surprisingly out of nowhere. It’s indeed surprising because LG Wing is/was the last/final major flagship Android smartphone. As LG did an announcement of shutting down the developer support and its mobile segment, LG Wing users may not expect any further Android OS update.

But it seems that LG is finally pushing the Android 11 OS update to LG Wing as the last treat. Of course, we’re expecting that it’ll be probably the last update for LG Wing. Meanwhile, the LG Wing Verizon variant is currently getting the software update in the USA. Over a year, the LG Wing has debuted with Android 10 and now it’s getting Android 11.

This update also brings the November 2021 security patch that includes bug fixes and general improvements. Verizon’s changelog for the update. The Android 11 update includes additional features such as notification bubbles, etc. The UI has support for Focus Mode through the quick settings, expanded support for Emergency Alerts, and more.

LG did mention previously that they will provide two years of dedicated software update support to its flagship devices including LG Wing. So, the first update of Android 11 has arrived. But there is still a big question whether LG will gonna provide the Android 12 OS update in the next year or not. We’ll have to wait for it.

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