Microsoft Could Soon Announce a Major Windows 10 Update: The New Windows

Microsoft is reportedly working on a new version of Windows 10 that it could announce anytime soon. The company could announce the new upgrade as early as April 2021. In October last year, a report had claimed that Windows 10 is getting a major upgrade in 2021 and suggested that the new interface will be codenamed “Sun Valley”. Apart from the Windows 10 Sun Valley upgrade, the tech giant is also planning to announce Windows 10X. It has a current goal of debuting the OS in the Spring of 2021. Reportedly, one or both of these revamped versions of Windows 10 are expected to be marketed as “The New Windows”.

As per the latest information, the US-based software giant is now planning an event titled “What’s new for Windows” in April / May. This could also be a session at the Build 2021 developer conference by the same name. As per the report, this event will take place after the “What’s new for gaming” event that’s scheduled for late March. If you don’t know, a few reports in the past have also indicated that “The New Windows” could be announced soon, which could either be the Windows 10X or the Sun Valley update.

The New Windows Expected Features

Well, “The New Windows” will not be a completely new version of the operating system but will be a marketing name for the Sun Valley update (or 10X). It is believed that the new update will revamp the Windows’ interface for things such as the Start Menu and Action Center. Additionally, Microsoft is also said to be testing a new optional layout for the Start Menu. 

Furthermore, the Sun Valley update is bringing improvements to the File Explorer. Some reports claim that the update will also bring a “true” dark mode experience, meaning you will be able to use File Explorer in dark mode (dark UI). This will be helpful to reduce strain on your eyes during the night.

Note that this information is based on multiple leaks and various reports, and there’s no official word from Microsoft as of now. However, we expect to hear about “The New Windows” soon in the coming weeks.

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