Motorola Launches ‘Ready For’, a Samsung Dex-like Platform for Edge+

Smartphone maker Motorola has launched a new feature that allows the content from your phone to be mirrored to a desktop. Dubbed “Ready For,” the new feature is similar to Samsung’s Dex platform and is currently available on Motorola’s Edge+. All users need to do is plug their phone into a larger display/screen through a USB Type-C to Type-C or Type-C to HDMI cable. Moreover, you can also wirelessly attach a mouse and keyboard to your handset to have a complete PC-like experience.

Motorola Launches 'Ready For', a Samsung Dex-like Platform for Edge+

A YouTuber by the name of Tim Schofield shared his hands-on experience with Motorola’s Ready For on Edge Plus. Apart from the basic desktop experience, this feature also leverages the camera prowess of the supported phone. This means that you can use your Motorola Edge+ cameras, either the 108MP primary sensor or the 16MP ultra-wide lens, for video conferencing. So you can take up your video calling experience to another level with your phone’s high-resolution camera sensors.

Motorola Ready For Also Features Multiple Entertainment Options

Motorola Launches 'Ready For', a Samsung Dex-like Platform for Edge+

Like Samsung Dex, Ready For’s main objective also remains to assist productivity-focused users. But Motorola’s feature also comes with a slew of few entertainment options. As per the company, users don’t require a costly smart TV as Ready For is designed to work with most TVs and displays. The entertainment options include the ability to connect a controller and use the phone as a makeshift console and options to stream content from Disney+, Discovery+, and more. For those of you who are interested in gaming, this feature works for native mobile games as well as cloud-based games through services like xCloud.

Further, Motorola says that the TV launcher will allow users to see all their favorite apps and entertainment at “a glance in an easy-to-read dashboard.” So, users can take their full library of content with them when they’re on the go — that too without the need to worry about their streaming subscription passwords. Apart from this, the company is also bringing a new device called “Ready For Dock” to improve the user experience. This device will allow users to hold their phones in portrait or landscape positions.

Motorola Launches 'Ready For', a Samsung Dex-like Platform for Edge+

As per the reports, Run For Dock will start shipping in the US starting April 19 via Amazon. There’s currently no detail on this device’s pricing and will be announced sometime later.

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