Nintendo Switch System 12.0.1 now available for both Switch and Switch Lite

Like every other major console, the Nintendo Switch periodically receives software updates. Launched way back in 2017, the console is the company’s most successful commercial product to date.

According to the website Attack of the Fanboy, the update is aimed to improve the overall system stability while enhancing the overall experience of the user. Interestingly, the update does not mention any additional features being introduced.

The latest update brings the Nintendo Switch System to version 12.0.1. Version 12.0 for the Switch and Switch Lite came out in April last year. It wasn’t a major update either, fixing only a few issues related to data backups.

Nintendo Switch System 12.0.1 now available for both Switch and Switch Lite

What does Nintendo Switch System software update 12.0.1 bring?

The last major update to the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite was version 11.0, which allowed users to automatically download save files that were backed up. It also added a new Trending option to the user page, that lets players see what their friends have been up to. Nintendo worked so hard on the update, maybe they can’t think of adding anything new.

The 12.0.1 version update bring nothing besides some system stability issues being fixed. Maybe this is for the best, since Nintendo had encountered some pretty serious issues last year. An update to the console last year automatically shared user data without asking them. Fanboys all around the world panicked, desperate to find a way to turn off the feature.

Users are advised to update to the latest version if an official update is released. Even if these updates bring no new features, sometimes they can be useful in terms of security and overall stability. You can download the latest version from the official website of Nintendo.

Chipmaking giant Qualcomm is also reportedly planning to step into the consumer electronics market with a new Nintendo Switch-style game console.


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