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How to Get Paramount Plus on Xfinity Flex, X1, Apple TV, Firestick, and Roku [2022]

Are you looking for easy and detailed ways to install the famous Over-The-Top (OTT) service of Paramount Plus on Xfinity Flex, X1, Apple TV, Firestick, Roku, and similar devices? Installing a new online content streaming service together with your digital cable TV service and signing into your account can prove challenging in situations where you don’t want to wait for days for a support technician or have to put your call on hold with the customer support. Through this article, we will help you to get Paramount Plus on Xfinity Flex, X1, Apple TV, Firestick, and Roku devices and get the streaming service up and running within minutes.

What is Paramount Plus / Paramount+?

Paramount Plus / Paramount+ is the rebranded version of the live television service CBS All Access. In addition to programs from the CBS network, Paramount Plus streams NFL games through 150+ affiliates. The ViacomCBS network, which includes Paramount, Nickelodeon, MTV, BET, and Comedy Central, makes Paramount+ so unique. Additionally, CBS All Access, which allegedly had between 8 and 9 million users in the United States as of late 2020, has been replaced by Paramount+, and the user base was just a fraction of the magnitude of the likes of Netflix and Hulu.

Paramount Plus Intro Picture

As a result of Paramount+’s introduction, ViacomCBS aims to catch up and better compete against its rivals. In the United States, Paramount+ Premium is available for $9.99/month or $99.99/year, and the package includes everything of Paramount+ along with the live stream of the local channels of CBS Network (advertisements included in the live channels). Paramount+ also offers an Essential plan for $4.99/month or $49.99/year which only includes ad-supported Paramount+ media.

Run Paramount Plus on Different Devices and Online Platforms

You may watch Paramount+ online at or on your mobile device through the Paramount+ applications for iOS and Android. Other than that, Paramount Plus is available for platforms where CBS All Access was supported, which includes:

  • Android TV
  • Samsung TV
  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Vizio TV
  • PlayStation 4
  • Apple TV
  • LG TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Xfinity Flex
  • Android phone and tablet
  • Xbox
  • Portal TV

If your digital TV subscription already included the CBS All Access app, it will be automatically upgraded to the Paramount Plus app after you sign in with your account. But if your device doesn’t have the app and you want to set it up again with your Paramount Plus account, follow the next section to know more.

How to Set Up Paramount Plus on Xfinity Flex and Xfinity X1

Xfinity Flex TV Box Picture

Xfinity Flex is a voice-controlled 4K TV streaming box that puts all streaming apps together in one place. The TV box is included for free with Xfinity Internet, with additional TV boxes for $5/month. With Xfinity Flex, you will receive 15,000+ hours of hit movies, shows, films, and update with a free Peacock Premium subscription and Xfinity Voice Remote for easy channel accessibility.

Therefore, it is easy to set up Paramount plus on Xfinity Flex TV, but not all Xfinity Flex TV boxes support the Paramount Plus app. Paramount Plus is currently compatible with only the following TV boxes:

  • Xi6 Streaming TV Box
  • XiOne Streaming TV Box

Xfinity X1 DVR Picture

On a similar note, Xfinity X1 are Wireless TV streaming boxes that provide live TV entertainment without the need for a co-axial cable to be connected. The X1 wireless TV box connects automatically with the in-home Xfinity network and has the same functionality as other non-DVR X1 devices. The process of using Paramount Plus on X1 TV boxes is the same as using it on a Flex device since they both use the same TV network. The OTT service is only available for the following X1 devices:

  • XG2v2 (Non-DVR; Pace Model)
  • XG1v3 (DVR; Arris or Pace Model)
  • XG1v4 (DVR; Arris Model)
  • XiD (Non-DVR; Pace or Cisco Model)
  • Xi5 Wireless TV Box (Non-DVR; Pace Model)
  • Xi6 Wireless TV Box (Non-DVR; Arris or Technicolor Model)

Paramount Plus has been discontinued on the following TV boxes:

  • RNG150
  • Pace Xi3
  • Samsung XG2v2
  • Arris XG1v1
  • Pace XG1v1

Therefore, to use Paramount Plus on Xfinity, you need a supported TV Box (refer to model number), Xfinity Internet Service (any level), and a Paramount Plus subscription. Once you have everything, you can follow the steps given below to get Paramount Plus on Xfinity Flex and X1 devices:

Press Xfinity Button for Paramount Plus on Xfinity Flex

  • Press the xinfinity button on your Xfinity remote to head over to the home screen. (Make sure you point the remote at the Xfinity logo of the TV box)

Select the Paramount Plus icon from the Apps menu

  • Head over to the Apps section on the Flex or X1 home screen, and select the Paramount+ app from the list of Popular Apps.

Voice Control button on Remote

  • You can also press the voice control button on your Xfinity Voice Control remote and say Paramount Plus to launch the app.

Sign In button on the Paramount+ App on Xfinity

  • Select the Sign In button on the app home screen. You can Sign In using 2 of the methods given below:
    • On My TV
    • On the Web

Two Sign In Options On my TV and On the Web on Xfinity

  • If you select the On My TV method, you have to enter your Paramount+ email and password on your TV and select the Sign In button.

Sign In page on Xfinity TV screen

  • If you use the On the Web method, you will be shown a specific CBS website and an activation code.

Activation code and website for remote login from other device

  • Open your Laptop or mobile browser using your home Xfinity connection, and head over to the Paramount+ website.
  • Enter the activation code there, and you will be able to sign in to Paramount+ on the laptop or mobile.
  • Further on, you will see a confirmation screen on your TV, and you can watch content seamlessly using Paramount+ on Xfinity Flex and X1 streaming boxes.

How to Get Paramount Plus on Apple TV

The Apple TV is a streaming box that connects to your TV through an HDMI cable and brings over 50 streaming apps together in an app using your home Internet connection. All you need to use the Apple TV is a fast-enough Internet and an iTunes account for logging in. Combining the Airplay and 4K streaming capabilities, the Apple TV has become a go-to live TV streaming service for hardcore Apple users.

If you want to fluently install Paramount Plus on Apple TV, make sure you have one of the following Apple TV compatible with Paramount+:

  • A1625 (Apple TV HD – 4th generation – released in 2015)
  • A1842 (Apple TV 4K – 1st generation – released in 2017)
  • A2169 (Apple TV 4K – 2nd generation – released in 2021)

The Apple TV model number can be viewed on the bottom of the streaming box and also through the Settings app. Follow the steps mentioned below to install Paramount Plus on Apple TV:

Home button on Apple TV remote

  • Power on your Apple TV and navigate to the Home screen by double-pressing the HOME button or long-pressing the Menu button.

Open the App Store in Apple TV

  • Head over to the App Store icon, and highlight the Search bar at the top-right corner.

Search for Paramount Plus on Apple TV App store

  • Type Paramount Plus using the virtual keyboard, and select the app listed.

Download Paramount Plus on Apple TV

  • Open the Paramount+ App’s Overview, and click the Download option.
  • Exit from the App Store once the app downloads and the installation is finished.

Find Installed Paramount Plus on Apple TV Home screen

  • Scroll down the Apps on the Home screen, and select the Paramount+ app at the end.

Select the Allow button to enable Apple activity sync

  • Tap on Allow to enable activity sync with Paramount+

Sign in with Paramount Plus Apple TV


Log in Using email and passord Apple TV

  • Enter your email address and password using the virtual keyboard, and select the Continue button.
  • You can also select the “On” option to sign in, copy the activation code shown on the TV, and paste it inside the Paramount Plus on Apple TV website on your laptop or mobile device. After signing in to your account, a confirmation screen is shown, the Apple TV will refresh, and you will be logged into your Paramount+ account.

How to Get Paramount Plus on Firestick

Paramount+ is compatible with any Fire OS device that has access to the Amazon App Store. As a result, any Fire OS media streaming device released in the previous several years should operate perfectly with Paramount Plus, which provides tons of movies, sports content, original programming, and more. The list of compatible Amazon devices that can stream content from Paramount+ includes Amazon’s Fire TV Stick (Lite, HD, 4K, and 4K Max), Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Edition TVs from Insignia, Toshiba, Pioneer, and others.

You will simply need an Amazon account to log in to the Amazon app store and a Paramount+ subscription to fully install Paramount Plus on Firestick and Fire TV. Follow the steps given below to perform the installation:

  • Before heading to your Firestick or Fire TV, open the Amazon Paramount+ link given here on any device, log in to your Amazon account using the Sign In button, provide the credentials, and click on Purchase to remotely send the App to all your Fire OS devices.

Home Button on Firestick Remote

  • Head over to the TV connected with the Firestick, and use the remote to head over to the Home screen.

Search for Paramunt Plus on Firestick

  • Search for the newly installed Paramount+ app using the search icon on the top-left corner, select it, and press the Get: Free to Download button to start installing it.

Download Paramount Plus on Firestick

  • Press the Open button to start the Paramount Plus on Firestick TV.

Open the Paramount+ App on Firestick

  • Log In to the Paramount+ account using your email address and password, select the Sign In button, and browse your favorite content freely.

How to Get Paramount Plus on Roku

When Paramount+ was created in March 2021, it also added support for Roku streaming devices. Therefore, you can use Roku devices at your home to stream countless movies, TV series, and on-demand media content, all from within the palm of your hands. But you can successfully set up Paramount Plus on Roku only through these compatible Roku devices:

  • Roku 2,* 3 and 4 
  • Roku Ultra and Ultra LT
  • Roku LT*
  • Roku HD*
  • Roku Streaming Stick (3500x, 3600X, or later) 
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku Premiere and Premiere+
  • Roku Express and Express+
  • Roku TV
  • 4K Roku TV

You should be aware that specific Roku devices are no longer supported by the company, and new channels will no longer be available. The following Roku devices do not support Paramount Plus:

  • Roku LT (2400X, 2450X)
  • Roku HD (2500X)
  • Roku 2 HD (3000X)
  • Roku 2 XD (3050X)
  • Roku 2 XS (3100X)
  • Roku Streaming Stick (3400X and 3420X)

If you have one of the supported Roku devices, a Paramount+ subscription, and a fast Internet connection, follow the steps given below to get Paramount Plus on Roku devices:

Home Button on Roku device Remote

  • Power on the Roku device, and press the home button on the Roku remote to head over to the home screen.
  • From the left pane, select Streaming Channels under the Channel Store.

Searching for Paramount Plus on Roku devices

  • Select the Search Channels option, and use the virtual keyboard to type out Paramount Plus.
  • Select Paramount+ from search results and open the channel overview.
  • Select the Add Channel button at the top to install Paramount Plus on Roku.
  • Open the App from the home page after installation.
  • Select Sign In, enter your email address and password, and select the Continue button to start using your Paramount+ subscription on the Roku streaming device.

Wrapping Up

We hope you spent a fair amount of leisurely time using our guide to set up Paramount Plus on your favorite streaming devices, such as Xfinity Flex, X1, Apple TV, Firestick, and Roku. Feel free to comment below and let us know how well the article guided you, and don’t hesitate to provide valuable suggestions from your end. Cheers!!

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