Spotify developing a Clubhouse clone called Greenroom

Spotify is working on a new app called Greenroom. It seems like the streaming service wants to tap into audio-based social media platforms like Clubhouse.

The company launched Greenroom today on both iOS and Android. This is the first time Spotify has attempted something like this. The company made a move after acquiring Betty Labs in March earlier this year. Betty Labs had an app called Locker Room, which was a Clubhouse-like app but for sports.

When Spotify acquired Betty Labs, they said they would expand its area of operation in the coming months. Greenroom is a replica of Clubhouse in every sense, allowing people to host live chatrooms. It does not require the user to have a Spotify account. The conversations in the audio room can be saved or recorded for distribution.

Spotify developing a Clubhouse clone called Greenroom

Greenroom might be the go-to app for Android users since Clubhouse took months to release an Android app. The app is based on Locker Room; in a sense, they ask users about their sports interests, even if they have none. It looks like Spotify was in such a hurry that they did not even change the package name, which is io.bettylabs.disco.

The audio room niche has garnered the interest of several companies such as Twitter, which has launched Twitter Spaces. Even Discord is trying the concept on a per-server basis. Last but not least, Slack’s CEO has said that the platform surely has some potential, which is really weird considering slack is a messaging platform? Spotify trying in the niche at least makes some sense since the company is already one of the industry leaders in the audio app category.

The company also announced the launch of Spotify Creator Fund, which aims to help live audio creators monetize their work on Greenroom. Spotify is asking audio creators to sign up for the platform after its release.


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