Toshiba Launches 2021 4K Fire TVs Lineup With Dolby Vision, 4K and Alexa Voice Remote

Toshiba is now rolling out a new line of upgraded Fire TVs in partnership with Amazon. This lineup packs in the most-coveted 4K display with color remastering and a bunch of features including DTS Virtual X audio and comes with an Alexa voice remote along the way.

I am talking about the latest Toshiba 4K Fire TV C350 series that is in rage now. The newest Toshiba 4K Fire TVs are now upgraded with the latest 2021 technologies. The first among the lot is the 4K Regza Engine that ensures you get super-crisp visuals like you haven’t seen before. Moving on, the 4K TVs support Dolby Vision and HDR10 for super video quality.

Moving on, Toshiba has engineered the audio system on-board the 2021 4K Fire TVs to cinematic levels thanks to the DTS Virtual X audio that creates an ambiance with 3-dimensional virtual surround sound that will leave you spellbound.

Toshiba launches 2021 4K Fire TVs lineup with Dolby Vision, 4K and Alexa Voice Remote

Additional information available from Best Buy’s product page states that the TVs have 60Hz of refresh rate, a pair of USB connections, and 4 HDMI ports available on these LCD-based sets.

Toshiba 4K Fire TVs are full-functional smart TVs with a Fire TV interface that includes Alexa Voice Remote as well. You can give voice commands such as adjusting volume, bass levels, picture settings among others.

Pricing and Availability

The latest 2021 Toshiba 4K Fire TV lineup has a total of five different sizes to choose from with the smallest being 43-inches all the way to 75-inches. However, Amazon has announced pricing and availability for the first two only sizes only. 43-inch Toshiba 4K Fire TV will be sold at $349.99 while the slightly bigger 50-inch model will arrive at $469.99. Also, the lineup is Best Buy exclusive and will be available on its digital and retail store from May 13. You can window shop on Amazon that is offering pre-orders.

According to the report, available sizes are 43-inches, 50-inches, 55-inches, 65-inches, and 75-inches available on both Best Buy and Amazon. Note that the 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch models are available later this year although the dates aren’t available at the moment.


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