Google is finalizing Android 12 update for Pixel’s special release, Android 12 AOSP is live

Android 12 AOSP has been finally released but it seems that Google is taking some additional time to finalize the Android 12 official public stable version for Pixel’s specific release. Yes! Android 12 final version hasn’t arrived on Pixel devices yet, you’ll have to wait further. While announcing the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), the Android team has mentioned that it’ll be coming to a device near you in a couple of weeks or so.

The term ‘putting the finishing touches’ basically indicates that there is a delay in the finalization process and that’s why the update isn’t available for eligible Pixel devices right now. But we all know that it’ll be worth waiting for sure. While ‘Pixel exclusive and Pixel first experiences’ indicates that there may be a huge Pixel-specific feature on the way with Android 12.

Although for the last couple of years, Google tends to release the Android OS version officially in September, this time it gets delayed for a while. The new design element in Android 12 will gonna appear on Pixel initially. However, we all know that Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are also expected to release in October 2021. So, maybe Google is waiting to implement more features or performance inspection according to the new Tensor hardware.

Therefore, it’ll be great enough for Google to announce the exclusive feature as well as Android 12 in an online launching event rather than pushing it via OTA updates silently. So, we’ll need to have some patience until October 19 arrives to understand things in a better way.

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