Google Brings YouTube TV Workaround to Main YouTube App on Roku Amid Dispute

Over a week ago, Roku removed the YouTube TV app for new users and the dispute between the two companies continues. However, Google appears to be countering this by implementing a workaround for YouTube TV in the main YouTube app on Roku.

Google has announced that the company has added a new “Go to YouTube TV” shortcut at the bottom of the main YouTube client menu on Roku devices. So new users won’t need the standalone YouTube TV application to access Google’s cord-cutting service. Users can now just click the Go to YouTube TV shortcut and load the YouTube TV experience on their Roku devices from the main app. Google says that the new change will be rolled out through an update and will be available to all YouTube TV subscribers on Roku over the next few days. The company also says that it will expand the feature to as many devices as it can over time.

Google Brings YouTube TV Workaround to Main YouTube App on Roku Amid Dispute

Google is Working to Come to an Agreement With Roku

In a blog post, Google said that the company is “still working to come to an agreement with Roku” in order to ensure that their mutual customers get continued access to YouTube TV. Moreover, the Mountain View-based tech giant is also keeping an eye on existing subscribers, who, however, still have access to the app. Not just this, Google has also said that it is having discussions with other partners to secure free streaming devices. This is being done to address the problem if in case YouTube TV members face any access issues on Roku in near future.

While the tech giant is in talks with Roku to come to a mutual agreement, it has added this new workaround for YouTube TV, which seems to successfully circumvent the need for a dedicated YouTube TV app. But it’s possible that Roku could threaten the main YouTube client. Well, it needs to be seen what unfolds in the coming days between these two companies, but you can now access YouTube TV on Roku from the main YouTube app. The deal for the YouTube app with Roku runs until December 2021.

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