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Is MeToo Coming For Elvis? Lisa Marie Presley’s Fears Revealed

Is MeToo coming for Elvis Presley? That’s the newest fear Lisa Marie Presley is reportedly dealing with as a new movie is in development starring Austin Butler as Elvis and Tom Hanks. According to a new report by Radar Online, Lisa Marie is worried the film will depict Elvis’ love for underage, teenage girls. This is well documented as Lisa Marie’s own mother was 14-years-old when she met the 24-year-old rock star. For man, the age difference was scandalous but now, in light of the MeToo movement, Elvis could face an unprecedented backlash.

There’s also plenty of controversy as to whether Elvis Presley wanted to marry Priscilla on May 1, 1967, or if he was forced to due her age and word getting out that he had been involved with her.  Priscilla was 21-years-old at the time of their marriage — Elvis was 31-years-old and had been romantically linked to numerous Hollywood starlets throughout the years.

Priscilla gave birth to the couple’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley on Feb. 1, 1968, approximately nine months after her marriage.

The Untitled Elvis Presley Movie is slated for a 2021 release and is in the pre-production stage. Moulin Rouge director Baz Luhrmann will direct the film and Priscilla is speaking to the team, sharing her perspective.

According to the report, Lisa Marie Presley is concerned about what her mother is saying as well as how it will be portrayed. The last thing Elvis’s daughter wants is for her father’s name to be tarnished in the movie.

Radar Online quoted a source who spoke to A.J. Benza and reportedly sad the following.

“With today’s climate, Lisa Marie is concerned Luhrmann will exploit that relationship, and there’ll be a huge backlash against her dad. Lisa Marie has been trying to have Priscilla really consider how much private information she gives, but it’s been a one-way conversation.”

You may see Radar Online’s report below.

What do you think about Lisa Marie Presley’s fears? Do you think there will be a backlash against Elvis Presley and if so do you think it will be deserved?


Some have already spoken out against Elvis Presley on social media platforms calling into question Elvis’ past relationships with young teens. What do you think?

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