Weird Bug in One UI Beta 3 Shows Up Samsung Pay Error on Second Screen

Last month, Samsung rolled out the third beta build of its upcoming One UI 4.0 Android skin. The update included a brand new Weather app, improved animations, and the complete removal of ads from the UI, including built-in apps. However, this beta build has a super weird bug, which throws up a Samsung Pay error on the second home screen, according to a Reddit post.

A Reddit user called t5straley posted a video showing how the Samsung Pay error shows up on the second screen but instantly stops after switching back to the first screen. According to the user, this error appears in One UI Beta 3 and shows up only on the second screen, nowhere else. Another user also confirmed the presence of this bug and said that the only workaround was to “disable nav gestures and go back to buttons.”

How to Fix Samsung Pay Error in One UI Beta 3

Weird Bug in One UI Beta 3 Shows Up Samsung Pay Error on Second Screen

If you’re a beta tester and using One UI 4.0 Beta 3, you need to disable navigation gestures and start using buttons to prevent the Samsung Pay error from popping up on your screen. But the good news is, Samsung has already started rolling out the Beta 4 build for Galaxy S21 since yesterday. The new beta build fixes a whole host of known bugs. You may need to wait until Samsung releases a new update for the app.

Till Samsung releases an update, follow the above-mentioned fix to address this issue on your device. Also, keep checking for new updates on your device.

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