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What Does Pending Mean on Snapchat and Methods to Fix it

What does it mean on snapchat when it says pending

You got to know your friend’s Snapchat ID and are excited to talk, send snaps and make streaks. With full excitement, you type a message and hit the send button. However, Snapchat shows your message “Pending” in a grey color, thereby dampening your spirit. And the disappointment also let you wonder what does pending means on Snapchat? If that’s exactly what has led you to look for ways to fix the pending issue on Snapchat, you’ve landed at the right post. So, without any more ado, let’s get down to it!

Why does it Say Pending on Snapchat?

First off, it would be apt to decode why does it say pending on Snapchat since having a clear idea about it can play a vital role in fixing the issue.

To be more precise, “Pending” means, the message you sent has not been delivered to the recipient. And when it crops up, you will see a grey icon right next to pending.

Generally, when we send a message to a friend, we see delivered written with a blue arrow right next to it. But there could be an instance where you send a message and you see grayed out “Pending” instead of the usual “Delivered”. While it’s frustrating, you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

As for the reasons why the “pending” issue crops up in Snapchat, it could be due to multiple factors including the sloppy internet connection. In this detailed troubleshooting guide, we are going to look into each possible reason and try to fix the issue.

1. Your Friend Request Has Not Yet Been Accepted

Make sure your friend has accepted your friend request. If your request has not yet been accepted, you will have to wait until it’s done. Once added, you won’t see pending anymore. It will start showing Delivered with the blue arrow next to the message.

2. Your Friend May Have Unfriended You

Your streak game was on point with your friend, suddenly your snaps and messages start showing pending, there is a high chance that your friend would have unfriended you. You can check out if the person is on your friend list. 

1. Launch Snapchat and tap on your profile icon (Bitmoji)

To Check the Friend List

2. Scroll down and tap on My Friends and search for the name of your friend in the search box. 

To Check the Friend List

If the name doesn’t appear in the search result, you have been unfriended by your mate. Sit back and relax until you are added again. Besides, you can also directly ask your friend about this. If she/he may have unfriended you accidentally, just a quick chat can help you troubleshoot the issue. Yeah, many a time, it’s better to break the silence and ask rather than keep engrossed in doubt.

After your friend has accepted your invitation, send a snap again to check if the issue has been resolved. If the app itself feels sluggish or crashing randomly, be sure to try these pro tips to fix the Snapchat crashing issue.

3. You Have Been Blocked!

If pending appears in the chat, you have been most probably blocked by your friend. But fret not, there is a quick way to figure out whether or not you have been blocked.

1. Open the Snapchat app on your device and tap on the Chat icon. 

You Have Been Blocked

2. From the top left corner, right beside your profile icon you should see the search bar, type the name/username of your friend. If the ID doesn’t pop up, you have been blocked. 

You Have Been Blocked

4. Account Has Been Deleted

There is also a possibility that the user has deleted the account. In that case, if you send any message or snap, it would show pending. If this is the scenario, you are left with no option. 

The point to be noted is that if the user activates the account within 30 days, your message or snap won’t show pending as it gets delivered to the user. Hence, keep this pivotal thing in mind if Snapchat says pending ever again.

5. Message May Have Expired

If the recipient does not open Snapchat for 30 days, the messages or snaps sent by you will automatically get deleted. As Snapchat doesn’t keep unopened messages for more than a month. 

6. Clear Snapchat Cache

If you haven’t cleaned up the Snapchat cache for a while, it might be the reason why your snaps are not being delivered. So, try cleaning up the cache.

1. Launch Snapchat and tap on the Profile icon (Bitmoji/Avatar) from the top left corner. 

Snapchat App Glitch

2. Tap on the Settings icon at the top right corner. Scroll down to the Account Actions section, tap Clear Cache.

Snapchat App Glitch

3. Tap on Clear Cache and hit Clear in the popup menu to confirm. 

Snapchat App Glitch

After you have deleted the Snapchat cache, try sending a snap again.

7. Poor Internet Connection

Poor internet connectivity can also result in your message or snap pending. Make sure your Wi-Fi/cellular connection is stable.

a. Turn Off/On Airplane Mode

The easiest way you can get rid of the sluggish Internet connection is to turn on/off airplane mode. So, bring up the control center and hit the airplane icon to turn it on. After waiting for some time, turn off airplane mode.

Airplane mode on iPhone

b. Reset Network Settings

If your Internet connection remains poor, reset the network settings as it is well-known for fixing even complex network-related issues. Navigate to Settings app on your iPhone > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset. Now, tap Reset Network Settings and confirm.

Reset Network Settings

8. Snapchat’s Server is Down

If the server of Snapchat is down, your snap or message may show pending. Thanks to a site called Downdetector, you can find out whether or not Snapchat is down. Just head over to and then enter Snapchat in the search field. If the social networking app is facing an outage, you will get detailed information about it.


That’s pretty much done! So, these are reliable ways to fix “Pending” on Snapchat. As I said above, the issue could be due to multiple reasons including the sloppy Internet connection or blocking. Oh yes, the outage could also play a spoilsport. Hence, taking care of these villains can help you sort out the issue. Anyway, share your feedback and the trick that has helped you troubleshoot the issue.

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