Woman sets TikTok ablaze with ‘psychotic’ pasta recipe! ‘I thought this was a joke’ commented a user! Click to know more about it!

Every one of us would be aware of pasta and spaghetti. We all may have different food tastes and different favorite foods, but we can never say no to PASTA rite? Yeah, pasta has a separate love from everyone, irrespective of our food habits. Have you ever tried pasta and marinara sauce with a hard-boiled egg?

Yup! It sounds weird. But a TikTok user has posted a recipe of pasta with a hard-boiled egg. And the viewers of the method have named the technique as a “psychotic” recipe for marinara sauce.

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About the weird recipe on TikTok

Andrea Catanese, one of the TikTok users, posted this weird recipe in late June, and since then, it was going viral in social media, and nearly 500,000 viewers saw the recipe video. The video begins with Andrea Catanese making the sauce in a saucepan on her stovetop. She was engaging the viewers by talking about the recipe throughout the video.

And at a point, her words and actions made the viewers left astonished and surprised. As she was making the sauce, she eventually added ten hard-boiled eggs into it. She also added, “Does anyone else put hard-boiled eggs in their spaghetti?”

Catanese asks in the clip. “If you haven’t tried it, you should. It’s delicious. ”

Catanese says it would be delicious and recommends everyone to try it out. This recipe video was trending all over the social media platform, and it received lots and lots of comments. The comments were both positive and commented on making a joke about the dish.

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More than ninety percent of the TikTok users did not take Andrea Catanese’s suggestion on the recipe. There were lots of comments. Some of the comments are –

  • “The police are on their way,” one user commented.
  • “15 generations of Italians just rolled over in their grave,” another user added.
  • “I thought this was a joke,” another one wrote.
  • “This is Tik Tok, no a fear factor,” another joked.

Others, meanwhile, defended the concept. Some users claimed that many authentic marinara recipes did call for hard-boiled eggs.

  • “My grandmother was Sicilian, and she uses to put hard-boiled eggs in her spaghetti !!” one user wrote.

The viewers called the dish “Crime against pasta.”

The video was out a month back, but the social media users still speak it. Even after the ban of TikTok a month before the video was being trolled by many people on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Many people were trolling the footage by adding many funny clips showing their disapproval on the suggestion of the recipe.

The recipe reached so many talented people and many food lovers. The method also reached the discussion thread of the food website Chowhound. Several people of the discussion have shared their reviews about the hard-boiled egg sauce.

Besides of all these trolls and disapproval about the recipe, there are still people spreading positive reviews on the dish saying it is followed by many Italian families and also added it had been a practical solution for old-time chefs who were short on meat.

However, the recipe has created a massive troll in social media and created a bang among the viewers.

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