“Alexandra Daddario”: The top four love-making scenes of the model turned actress ranked! Read the article to know more!

Alexandra Daddario is one of the most attractive actresses in Hollywood right now. Her recent work in movies like Baywatch and San Andreas has given her traction and popularity. She has plenty of projects coming up in 2020, too, so you know it’s uphill from here. One of the best was We Summon the Darkness. However, that’s not why we are here today. Today, we are ranking Alexandra’s intimate scenes from her works in cinema or television. The actress’s beauty and appeal are highly popular amongst the audience, and it makes sense to make a list of the best scenes to admire her.

“Alexandra Daddario”: Burying the Ex

Starting with a tame one, Bury the Ex is one of Alexandra’s older works. While this scene technically is a sex scene, there isn’t much nudity in it. Although, what we do get to see and admire is Daddario’s beautiful body. The movie falls into the horror genre but isn’t very useful at it. However, the scene is comparatively tame when compared to the other ones on the list. Alexandra’s character makes love with her boyfriend in his car in this scene. Most of the scene seems obscured due to the camera angles.

“Alexandra Daddario”: The Layover

This scene is certainly more graphic than the last one because of less obscure camera angles. The scene depicts Alexandra Daddario in yet another sex scene in a car. The Layover is a comedy film starring Alexandra Daddario and Kate Upton. It came out only two years ago. The view is very intimate and realistic, thus gaining a higher spot on this list. Alexandra appears to be hot as always in the scene and brilliantly sells the scene. It’s great to see how well these actors manage to execute these love-making scenes.

“Alexandra Daddario”: The Babysitters

The Babysitters is not a movie you want to watch around your kids. Full of steamy and intimate scenes, the movie edges very close to censorship. The film revolves around several teenagers who decide to open a babysitting agency. The twist was, the agency was a way of pleasuring unhappy fathers through these ‘babysitters.’ Alexandra’s scene in the film is small, but it’s a scorching one. Due to the graphic nature of the stage and the movie in general, this scene receives a high spot. If you’re a fan of Alexandra, then you have to watch this one!

“Alexandra Daddario”: True Detective

If you’re wondering why there isn’t a graphic thumbnail for this one, it’s because the scene is ’overly explicit.’ This scene is objectively Alexandra’s boldest scene of her career. The scene appears in True Detective Season 2 and goes on for a whopping six minutes. The creators knew how to build the sexual tension between the two characters very well. The scene has nudity, graphic and intimate sex scenes, and a miracle since it avoided censorship. Naturally, it makes sense to place this at number one on the list!

Which scene is your favorite? What list did you have in mind?


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