Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield: Read to know every major details about it that you should know!

“Pokemon Sword” and “Pokemon Shield” are the video games that allow role-playing. Game Freak develops the games, and The Pokèmon Company and Nintendo publish it. The video game is second in the series of Pokémon video games. The first one is Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! And let’s go, Evee!

Sword and Shield are the first in eight installments of the Pokémon video game series. The announcement of the arrival of Pokèmon Sword and Shield, made in February 2019. By 15 November 2019, the video game released globally. The director of the video game is Shigeru Ohmari, the writer is Toshinobu Matsumiya, and the producers are Junichi Masuda, Hitoshi Yamagami, and Takanori Sowa. The mode of the video is single-player and multiplayer.

When was the game developed?

The planning for the concept of Pokèmon Sword and Pokèmon Shield started in the year 2016, soon after the completion of Pokémon Sun and Moon. The production for the game started in September 2017.

Sword and Shield take place in the Galar Region, a vast expanse of land, which is one of many regions in the Pokèmon world. The director of the game describes the world of this game as a modern world with a current setting. Great Britain inspires the area in the game.

Several new features in the game applied for the first time. It includes cooperative raid encounters, an explorable open-world area with free camera movement previously the games used to have fix or third person camera system, dynamic weather, introduced ’Dynamixing,’ which increase the size of Pokèmon temporarily. For the players, new customization has been added, like new accessories and outfits.

What’s the story of the game?

Just like other Pokèmon games, this one also allows the player on a journey to become the most muscular Pokèmon trainer. Along with the player, there is Hop who receives one out of the three starter Pokèmon which include, Grookey, Scornbunny, or Cobble from Leon, Hop’s older brother, and Champion of the Galar region. With that, the player and Hop begin their journey exploring the forest called Slumbering Weiand, facing and defeating powerful Pokémon. Then they travel to a city for the registration in the Gym Challenge. They encounter rivals, Bede, and Marnie. During the journey, the player and Hop learn about two crucial Pokémon who saved the Galar region in dark times.

After defeating Chairman Rose and Eternatus, the player faces Leon in a battle and becomes the new Champion of Galar Region. Then, Hop and the player are challenged to a fight by Legendary Pokémon, while Hop continues to follow Zacian in the Slumbering Weeds, and chosen him as its Trainer. And the game ends with a final battle between the player, and Hop, after which Hop decides to be a Pokémon Professor.

By March 2020, the game sold over 20 million copies worldwide, becoming the fastest-selling game on Switch. Have you got your copy yet? If not, then why are you waiting? Play Pokémon Sword and Pokèmon Shield to make quarantine better.

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