Game of Thrones Map, Fully Explained: Complete Guide To Every Location In Westeros & Beyond

The Game of Thrones map is as careful because of the universe. Here are the total (known) World and a breakdown of all the key locations!

The size of Game of Thrones ’map is intimidating, and that is simply the series’ identified World, that highlights all the kingdoms within the series. Game of Thrones’s story is dense and challenging to interrupt into; not solely is it inhabited by a vast solid of principal characters. However, it conjointly takes place in a real phantasy world with earth science is as well-documented because the political intrigues that propel a lot of the action.

George R.R. Martin created associate implausibly careful backcloth for the A Song of Ice and hearth series – most so that the locations on the sport of Thrones map became characters in and of themselves. A lot of the conflict in Game of Thrones is outlined by entirely different regions and also the long histories of dispute some have between them, to not mention the strategic advantage sure geographical locations provide and even the near-constant fights over World Health Organization controls them .
Considering, however, typically HBO’s Game of Thrones jumps from one location to a different, it is easy for viewers to urge lost in knowing wherever everything is on the sport of Thrones map. And understanding the elemental layout of Game of Thrones ’map of Westeros and Essos can beyond question be vital once Game of Thrones season eight premieres in Apr.

Game Of Thrones World Map

Here’s the complete Game of Thrones map, as well as Westeros and Essos, with hints of the chartless regions to the Far East and SouthSouth that haven’t been enlarged upon even in St. George R.R. Martin’s books. We’re currently break down every space. However, it is essential to the show and what alternative secrets they will hold.

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The North

The North is that the most extensive continuous region within the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and, therefore, the least thickly settled. The Starks function Wardens of the North and operate out of Winterfell, as they need for nearly 8000 years. Different major families hailing from the region embrace the Reeds, the Karstarks, the Umbers, and, therefore, the Boltons. However, homes Bolton, Umber, and Karstark are in shambles once losing flat out at the Battle of the Bastards. The North’s significance to the general Game of Throne’s story can’t be tasteful. Other than being the historic home to the foremost outstanding family on the show, it’ll be the first stop within the Night King’s invasion currently that he’s found the simplest way to blast through the wall.


Dorne is that the south region of Westeros and boasts a very distinctive and liberal culture relative to the remainder of the continent. They embrace sexual freedoms and welcome illegitimate kids into their families publically. This cultural dissonance is partly because of the region being discontinued from the remainder of Westeros by the Red Mountains, not not like the peninsula and therefore the range of mountains Mountains in Europe, ANd conjointly because of the fact that it was settled by an Essosian individual referred to as the Rhoynish, and not the primary Men or the Andals just like the remainder of Westeros. just like the North, it’s had one principal family of rulers for many of its history. However, House Martell is presently headless when nearly everybody within the family died in Game of Thrones season seven.

The Reach

Traditionally dominated by House Tyrell, the Reach may be a central region of Westeros possessed of the most fertile farmland on the continent. Its central seat is Castle Highgarden occupied by the ruling House Tyrell (until Game of Thrones season 7), and it conjointly boasts major landmarks like Oldtown, the fastness, and different primary political homes in Westeros just like the Tarly’s. Guided-missile Tarly’s childhood home, Horn Hill, is found northeast of the modern city and is seen in beautiful detail in Game of Thrones season half dozen once he returns there concisely with tiny guided missile. The run of the show Reach has invariably been related to A level of prosperity few others in Westeros will claim, and that’s wherever their political significance rests, just like House Lannister, however, while not the military to match.

The Westerlands

The Westerlands square measure on the western facet of Westeros. The Lannisters have dominated the region since the time of the primary Men, and their seat is that the purportedly impregnable Casterly Rock, placed close to the coastal town of Lannisport. The Lannisters and their bannermen square measure celebrated for his or her substantial wealth thanks to the valuable metals and iron veins that run through the hills of the region. The Westerlands additionally represent a significant military and political power, with the Lannisters jactitation one in every of the most important and deadliest armies on the continent combined with their family’s history of occupying distinguished positions at the high level.

The Riverlands

The Riverlands lie on to the East of the Westerlands and directly north of King’s Landing. It’s ruling family is House statesman, whose castle, Riverrun, was the childhood home of Catelyn and Lysa statesman. The Riverlands ’central location and, therefore, the conflict between the Tullys and, thus, the Lannisters that started in Game of Thrones season one, the region served because of the main theater for the War of 5 Kings. Additionally to the few vital battles that materialized there in season a pair of, it’s additionally home to The Twins, seat of House Frey, and therefore the web site of the Red Wedding and subsequent finish of the Stark Rebellion. It’s also home to Harrenhal, the biggest and most unwieldy castle in Westeros also because the traditionally vital God’s Eye lake and its island of Faces, that served because the web site of the treaty between the primary Men and therefore the kids of the Forest once the two over their ancient conflict thousands of years before.

The Stormlands

The Storm and lies on to the South of King’s Landing and area unit finite by the Dornish ocean to the South. House Baratheon was its ruling house once Aegon I’s invasion, and they’ve dominated from their coastal castle Storm’s finish ever since. Each of the castle and also the region take their name from the storms that batter the southeast coast of Westeros wherever settled. A noteworthy little bit of small beer HBO’s Game of Thrones hasn’t spent sufficient time on is that the Baratheons are Targaryen cousins. The founding father of their house was Orys Baratheon, brother to Aegon I, and he received the castle once defeating the last Storm King, Argilac, in battle throughout Aegon’s Conquest. Brienne of Tarth is also from the Stormlands – the islet of Tarth rests simply off the coast east of Storm’s finish.

The Further East: Asshai & Yi Ti

One of the bigger mysteries still left unknown in each of the books, and therefore, the Game of Thrones TV series is that the east region of Essos illustrious solely because of the more East. HBO’s show doesn’t get into excellent detail concerning this region outside of the primary few seasons once Dany is bouncing round the Red Waste and Qarth. However, the mysterious cities of Asshai and Lolo Ti square measure each mentioned many times. Lolo Ti is found east of the Red Waste and, therefore, the Bone chain of mountains and featheredged to the SouthSouth by the Jade ocean, which is additionally Qarth’s southern border. Asshai found on the southeast shore of the Jade ocean, and each city square measure characterized by their advanced age and exotic cultures. Asshai is usually related to a lot of mysticism than Lolo Ti, and was the childhood home of Melisandre and presumptively wherever she received her coaching to be a priest of the Lord of sunshine. It’s doable we’ll get to visualize a lot of those regions within the Game of Thrones prequel series that is presently in development.

Entire Map Explained


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