“Rim of the World”: What happened at the end of this sci-fi Netflix movie? Read the article to understand the ending and know other details!

“Rim of the World” is a Netflix exclusive production that came out in 2019. The film’s performance was deficient, and it mostly received low scores from critics. It falls in the sci-fi genre of movies but also follows the trope of kids as protagonists. The film wasn’t anything special to watch, but it did catch the attention of some of its audience. It appealed to the younger generations much more than anyone else. Many people complained about not being able to understand the ending of this movie. So, here’s everything you need to know about the film and its end.

Premiere: “Rim of the World”

The movie came out on 24 May 2019 in the USA and was exclusively available on Netflix. The Director of the film, McG, has done similar works before too. He’s widely famous for his work in the Charlie’s Angels franchise and Terminator: Salvation. However, the movie disappointed many as it was not as good as the others. The critics attributed the film’s failure to its bland nature and disengaged writing. It is what happens with films concerning child protagonists and alien invasions. From lame tropes to distracting color grading, the movie dipped quite a lot in performance. Not precisely a top-shelf recommendation.

Cast: “Rim of the World”

The star cast of the film are as follows –

  • Jack Gore as “Alex”
  • Miya Cech as “Zhen Zhen”
  • Benjamin Flores Jr. as “Dariush”
  • Alessio Scalzotto as “Gabriel”
  • Andrew Bachelor as “Logan”
  • Annabeth Gish as “Grace”
  • Scott MacArthur as “Lou”
  • Dean Jagger as “Captain Hawking”

Other cast members included Poonam Patel, Lynn Collins, Tony Cavalero, and others. However, these cast members were present as secondary characters. The main cast included the names we mentioned above. While the child protagonist cast certainly is a nod to 80s films with child actors in them, the movie is nowhere as good as some of those classics.

Ending: “Rim of the World”

The movie follows the group of children in a playground- Alex and Dariush. As they witness an alien invasion occur and a rocket crash land right in front of them, a little girl named Zhen Zhen joins them. They also joined by Gabriel, who walks out of the woods. The entire movie is the kids trying to deliver a key that was given to them by one of the scientists in the crash to other scientists. While they encounter great dangers along the way, they handle themselves and reach their destination.

In the end, a general informs the group of various tasks they must perform to destroy the alien mothership. Destroying the mothership is the only way of defeating the aliens. Alex re-aligns a satellite dish, Zhen Zhen joins Alex outside, and Gabriel tends to a wounded Dariush. Alex faces his fear of heights, and Gabriel gets Dariush’s help in dealing with numbers since he has problems when it comes to numbers. In the end, the kids manage to defeat the aliens by rebooting the system called Excalibur, and it ends on a happy note as the aliens face defeat at the hands of humans.


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